Monday, October 26, 2009

turnips and greens

with the little roots and all! =)

this was the first time i've cooked turnips. they were given to me by a woman named hortense who has opened an organic market in collingswood, nj. i've been working with her and experimenting with different treats i may sell at her store. the grand opening is november 14th for those in the area. stay tuned!

hortense said to cut them up and saute them with the greens- that's it! so quick, easy, and tasty! i cut them, cooked them, and we scarfed them right down all in less than 20 minutes.

i sauteed the turnips first in a little garlic and olive oil. after a few minutes i added the greens, then threw in some walnuts. mmm mmm good!

how do you like your turnips?


  1. Now I am thinking about turnips;-} Never thought of getting them, As a veggie luver I have to try them right?! with garlic & oo!Mmm...

    Great for the store;-D) curious to see the treats!



  2. if you are a veggie lover, you will looove turnips!


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