Friday, October 2, 2009

pizza friday

when i was a child my favorite day of the week was friday

1) because TGIF was on (esp the first and best year with full house, perfect strangers, mr. belvedere, and just the ten of us)
2) it was pizza day at school!

oooooh and then some fridays were even pretzel dayyy....

when i first decided to stop consuming animal products i had no problem avoiding cheese. (i actually starting weaning myself years ago when, oddly enough, i heard Madonna explain why she avoids it.) but lately it's been a different story - i've been cheating like a non-vegan mofo. People's Pizza's marinara pie usually does the trick, but they're not open late like Domino's when the craving is at its worst!

i do not like consuming dairy for a bunch of reasons. i also sense that the processed wheat crusts are no good for my system as well. 

so i set out to  make raw pizzas like Carmi's at the Sunny Raw Kitchen. i borrowed a dehydrater from the ever-so-kind Wendi and created guilt-free super tasty healthy raw pizzas to enjoy this pizza friday.

 and created some food art while i was at it!

i began following carmi's recipe for her herb pizza crust but realized a second too late that the recipe called for 4 cups of zucchini, chopped, not four whole zucchini, chopped, like i had already processed with the sunflower seeds. der! i decided to just keep going and made adjustments where i saw fit.

the batter looked good to me so i spread it out on 3 teflex sheets and dehydrated for about a day and a half to get them nice and crispy. the outcome was 27 pretty tasty pizza crusts! half went into the freezer and i'm sure we'll eat the rest this weekend. =)

some were topped with an avocado spread, marinated fennel, and tomatoes.

marinated fennel
equal parts shoyu, agave, and olive oil


they were all delicious and i had a blast making them!

now i'm off to go watch some of my old friday favorites on hulu with my bedtime snack of raw cheez-its. =)

♫ it's friday night...and the moood is right
gonna have some fun, show ya how it's done, T-G-I-F ♫

...if you were an 80's baby, i know you're pickin' up what i'm puttin' down!


  1. I used to LOVE tgif! I looked forward to it every week. The raw pizzas look pretty (I especially like the one with the flower). I never had cashew cheeze before but I bet it's delicious!

  2. Kelly Thanks so much for your prayers and much needed comments. For some reason the smell of soup sets off the gag reflex. I want soup, but I will just have to wait until I can handle the smell. I have Cream of Buckwheat, which I eat every once in a while. It takes some time to make, and when I wait too long to eat I gag. Pregnancy is just not fun so I am pretty much praying for a perfect child to make me forget about what I'm going through. Your pizza's look so creative, I will have to ask my husband to make some for me, but I know they wont look as pretty as yours:) Take care and thanks again!

  3. Ha! I was nodding my head the whole time I was reading this post! I was a huge FGIF fan and Friday was Pizza day at my school too!
    Oh and then another fabulous dehydrator recipe?!?!? I'm in heaven reading your blog today!!!!

  4. Oh and I LOVE the food art!


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