Wednesday, October 7, 2009

garden b-l-t

...with eggplant bacon!

last time baked, this time dehydrated (i recommend using less oil).
john and i both liked it better baked, which really surprised me - i thought it would have gotten crispier in the d. i probably could have left it in longer but i was a bit impatient. when i have an idea for something to eat, i want it ASAP! =)

whole wheat wrap with mesclun mix, sliced avocado, vegenaise, and garden tomatoes. the eggplant was from the garden as well.

..speaking of, our garden's still kicking! i can't believe we are still picking ripe tomatoes. i'm also pinching off a bit of basil here and there and small eggplant and bell peppers are still waiting to be plucked.

i replanted my woodland strawberry from a pot to the garden a few weeks ago and it's been giving us sweet little berries.

my niece alaina really likes them (and green tomatoes - she apparently finds a small cactus in my house tasty, too, as well as styrofoam (bubblegum she called it). i bet it's a real treat for this little cutie pie to be able to pick something off the ground and eat it without hearing "no!"  =)


  1. OMG!Alaina! What a cutie:-) and eggplant bacon in thid delish sandwitch!Mmmm


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