Monday, August 10, 2009

summer of smoothies

golden delicious apple, banana, spinach and cantaloupe with rice dream

i'm not usually hungry when i wake up so i've been starting my summer days with breakfast smoothies. whatever i have on hand goes in.

i scored some ripe bananas at a local farmer's market for 45 cents a pound. they're in the freezer with other ripe fruit. i also froze the liquid from a juicy watermelon in ice cube trays.

i try to add any greens that i have as well for added nutrients (and because i like the little green specks - they give the smoothie character =).

granny smith apple, blackberries, banana, watermelon and purslane with rice dream

i got a chance to visit a local organic CSA (Muth Family Farm) with my friend Carol. she kindly gave me some of her veggies and i tried purslane for the first time. it was tasty. Mama Muth graciously let me take some ripe cantaloupe and squash as they had an abundance of the two. we cut the melon up as soon as i got home, ate half, and froze the rest.

today i whipped up a super sweet smoothie with frozen banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, a granny smith apple, and a few blackberries - pureed fruit heaven in a glass! mmMMM!



  1. What a GREAT idea to freeze watermelon juice!!!! YUM! I've frozen coffee to put in ice coffee but watermelon cubes sounds much better (and better for me than coffee)!!

  2. Can we make a smoothie when you come over. I want to try one with spinach. I mentioned it to Nick and he looked at me like I had 4 heads. PS. what is purslane?


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