Sunday, August 23, 2009

how did i not see this!?

so here i am, checking my little cucumber babies, wondering if i will ever grow an edible cucumber this season when i see THIS amidst the tomato plants

i was shocked! how could i not have seen this?! (i'm sure some of my friends and family could think of a few reasons. :p) in my defense, i've been wearing the same disposable contacts for a few months now and the cucumber really blended in so well with the other plants... =)

so here's my weekend harvest. i found another cucumber right above the gargantuan one. (somehow missed that one too. :/) i'm using these tomatoes and a bag my mom gave me to make stewed tomatoes for my vegan mac and cheez. if all goes well i'll be posting some pics and the recipes soon. edit: all didn't go well!=)

got any ideas for the cucumbers?


  1. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL! That is HUGE! Nick is jealous if you know what I mean. :)

  2. I like cucumber and tomato salad! Also cut em and put them on your eyes, apparently you are neglecting them these days, as am I, and that really helps soothe. Good work on the garden, I am jealous, I want to eat those beautiful tomatoes right now!!!

  3. missy, HA!!!

    bon - yes, cucumber and tomater salad is delicious!

    ha, or i could stop being a cheapo and buy new contacts!

    thanks, you'll have a garden and tomatoes before you know it. next time i see you i'll have to remember to bring you some tomatoes.

  4. Yeah, cucumber plants are sneaky! I had that happen to me last month too.
    Um. cucumber salad?
    In sandwiches, wraps, salads, basically anything served cold.
    Actually, I sometimes just slice them up and eat them as is. Or thick slices and use them as chips/crackers.

  5. jaime - i actually ended up making hand rolls and used your tutorials to help me! i used a cucumber plus avocado, carrot, and a chick pea/barley mixture i processed with some old bay. YUM!

  6. wow wow wow!!! i'm sooooooooo jealous of your garden!!!

  7. A - don't be too jealous. the cucumbers are way too bitter to eat. beyond bitter, like they taste like medicine. been cutting them up and trying to save them by purging with salt with no luck. i will NOT be growing cukes next year!


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