Friday, August 28, 2009

dearest fam...

dear mommy,
i'm glad the lightning missed you but i'm still sorry it caused some damage. i always knew there were angels protecting us. ps i'm sorry i can be a little b-word sometimes but i know you love all your little b-words. =)

dear daddy,
i am excited to walk the boards with you. i hope you have an extra special birthday weekend. i have to call you and see what you are doing sunday.

dear freggy,
keep up the great work raising my favorite little person in the world. (you have the best, most important job out of the three of us.) she's a genius, you know.

dear kelly,
^-you too. i had fun with you at the concert. i'm happy alaina has such a fun mommy.
can you believe she's going to be two?!

dear krista,
i had a great time last night, and thank you again for buying our tickets. (did i tell you how great your hair looked?) i can't wait for you to teach me how to sew.

dear grandmom,
i know that you just want the best for all of us but i wish you didn't worry so much. ask john, i eat all day! i hope you know how special you always were and always will be to me. there was nothing in the world i loved more than sleepovers at your house growing up. you made me feel like the most important little girl in the world, and i really needed that.

dear don,
thank you for trying and even liking the meals i make us. it means a lot to me.

dear jo ann,
i wish i got to see you more. can't wait to see you on the 6th (maybe sooner!)

dear luke and mackenzie,
i wish i saw you more, too. luke, i wonder if you are taller than the last time i saw you. mackenzie, remember how much fun we had planning your mom's party?! we need to do something like that again soon. you are so creative and i like to surround myself with creative people in hopes their creativity rubs off on me! =)

dear mrs. bigglesworth,
it was great spending time with you last week, just you and i. i really do miss being with you everyday. daddy says you are getting old but to me you're still the same cat i brought home 11 years ago. missy is trying to get us to adopt a kitten, i'm sure we will eventually, but why does cat poo have to smell SO bad?! maybe i can potty train my kitty like bonnie did.

(and last but certainly not least)
dear bunson,
the soup made me feel 100 times better, thank you. i like when you pamper me. i also like that you do the dishes a lot and get us all ready for trips. i'm grateful we're on this journey together. ps we need some coconut ice cream in our lives, asap. we can drizzle it with the cherry chocolate sauce i brought home yesterday. mmm! want to go food shopping with me soon?

dear little lainie loo loo,
watching you on the train with that little cutie was the highlight of my summer. singing with you by your baby pool while you insisted on drinking your "coffee" (pool water out of a round over-sized lego thing) was a close second. your voice is the sweetest sound in the world. i hope you never lose your passion for animals and all things beautiful. i look forward to sleepovers and craft sessions with you, but for now i'll try and savor every last minute of "baby alaina". see you tuesday!

dear uncle george and aunt patti,
thank you for reading my blog and saying nice things about it. your kind words really mean a lot to me!

i hope the weather clears up and you all have a wonderful weekend!
i love you.



  1. OMG!What a beautiful place you made here:) Can't wait to explore it!!
    Lots of love.

  2. My lil Kelli, My definition of the b-word for you is a beautiful woman. Maybe our butting heads wednesdays is due to the fact the student got smarter than the teacher..I'm so proud. Being your mother is one big accomplishment. I love your kindness,generosity,and thoughtfulness. Now I am learning so much from you!! I love you so much!! XOXO PS..I still want to have our butt heads wednesdays..They are healthy..haha...XOXOXO


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