Thursday, August 13, 2009

garden update

i'm happy to say things are growing nicely. i picked my first eggplant a few days ago - was she a beaut! (thank you missy - i never would have tried to grow eggplant if you had not given me the plant!!!) unfortunately john and i are inexperienced charcoal grillers and the grilled eggplant tasted like it was marinated in lighter fluid, so we had to throw it out. =( next time we will cook it inside.
we've been enjoying bruschetta almost daily from our tomatoes.

i have two more eggplants growing...

and a tenant who lives amongst the eggplant leaves. he's there everyday, and i'm proud to say i'm no longer afraid of him. =)
(but after looking at that picture close-up i'm feeling a bit squeemish again! yee!!!)

the two cucumber plants are taking over the garden! i've been finding a lot of female blossoms...

and there's been a lot of pollination going on.
(look how fuzzy that bee is - i almost wish i could pet it!)

i have a feeling all of the cucumbers are going to come at once...

i'm getting ready for my first fall harvest. in the squares that appear to be empty i planted more carrots, radish, and lettuce. i really wanted to plant beets and spinach but could not find seeds i liked in the area, so those will have to wait for the spring. i bought three organic lettuce varieties on sale for 93 cents a pack - i am going to try starting them in homemade newspaper pots before transplanting them into the garden. stay tuned for those!

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