Monday, January 20, 2014

photos from today

though more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, the pretty sunset after 5 pm had me thinking of spring. only 2 more months to go, and february's a short month!;)

it cracks me up to watch kati clean her feet. she spreads her toes all out and chews on them. (kati never did warm up to our little houseguest, though she did allow sweet annie to sleep in our bed.)

a few months ago i won a blog giveaway for kevita sparkling probiotic drink. the local health food store ordered some for me and i tried the lemon cayenne flavor. it was pretty good - not at all spicy like i was expecting. they also gave me a scoby so i can make my own again. need to get on that.

today i made a huge mess batch of minestrone soup - enough for three dinners and three lunches. we had some tonight, we'll have leftovers tomorrow and the rest of the jars were put in the freezer. last week i wasn't feeling good and all i wanted was homemade soup. now i feel prepared.

our mangoes were ripe but bland so i decided to dry them out. now they're perfectly sweet. yum, and chewy, like candy. while the mangoes were in the dehydrator all day, i also restocked raw pizza crusts and created carrot curry flax crackers with raisins that i can't seem to stop eating. i'll tell you about those soon. sleep tight my friends!


  1. Everything is so pretty! I love Kevita! :)

  2. Never heard of Kevita...I need to look into that for the Crohn's sufferers in the family!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  3. what lovely pictures. I love the one of the sunset !

  4. I made extra minestrone and put it in jars in the freezer and the jars cracked...what did I do incorrectly? Do your jars crack?

    I love the photo of Kati cleaning her feet!!!

    Mangoes look super delicious!!


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