Friday, January 3, 2014

butterfly garden inspiration

the new year gets me excited for gardening. the first seed catalog has arrived in the mail and i'll be starting my broccoli and cabbage indoors at the end of the month. these are some photos i saved last year when planning the butterfly garden. i'm sorry i didn't save the links to the original sources.

when there's snow on the ground and the temperatures are well below freezing, it's nice to sit and dream of warmer days in the garden. this year i'm going with the idea 'less is more'. this way i can focus on growing healthier plants rather than just trying to grow whatever i can get my hands on. our plants get lost in the weeds that way, but we'll see if i can limit myself when the time comes.

happy 2014!
may it be a wonderful year for you and your family
(furbabies included of course.=)


  1. Those images are wondrous and a delight!

    Love that included the fur babies as a one feels they are the protectors:-)

    Wishing you a magical 2014 lovely:-)



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