Sunday, January 12, 2014

adventures in kitten sitting

little annie's been here a few days and though kati is still not happy about this intrusion, there have been no fights (knock on wood) so i say it's going pretty well. poor annie was so scared at first that she hid in the basement. but she got more and more brave and is now venturing all over the house, even asking us for pets and playtime. annie loves crumpled balls of paper and will exhaust herself smacking them around the kitchen. she snatches every toy we give her and after prancing around with her catch, she'll hoard it in the basement with the rest of her collection. she's so stinkin cute!

if i'm playing with annie and kati is coming, john will give a warning cry so i don't caught. i'll even change my outfit if annie rubs all over me. anitra frazier advises in her book the natural cat not to let your cat see or smell that you're playing with the new cat because she will feel threatened and retaliate. i have to sneak around here like i'm cheating! i'm saying to her in my best bill voice, i did not have feline-al relations with that cat.=)

it's funny, annie seems to be more cautious with me and john than of kati who keeps hissing at her. she follows kati around and seems to be saying play with me! kati wants nothing to do with her, but we're still hoping they become friends before annie goes home next weekend. we'll see!


  1. So adorable! too bad you're not keeping her. One thing that helped me to get new kittens to be accepted is to feed them together and to use the same "scent" on both. I rub a little bit of butter mixed with a swap of vanilla on my hands and rub it all over both cats so they have the same smell. It usually takes couple of weeks for older cats to accept new baby to the team :)

  2. I had a cat when I was younger and it looked just like this one! Very cute.

  3. We have a new kitten, and he tries and tries to make friends with the three old ladies constantly hissing at him. Annie's a cutie.

  4. You made that cat toy didn't you??
    Peace & Raw Health,


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