Saturday, December 29, 2012

live each season as it passes

that's a quote from thoreau that i first came across last winter. as a reminder to embrace this time and to stop my incessant wishing for spring, i put the quote in my journal last year. i cannot help but to dream about the 2013 growing season. with my garden, i come alive in the spring.

but for now i will be grateful for the rest i am getting away from garden work. i will sip my hot tea and soak in the coziness of crocheting on a cold day. last week i finally started joining my granny squares to make a big ol' blanket. almost a year in the making, but i'm starting to see the light.

the blanket is uneven and i'm not crazy about all the colors together, but i still love it. it's my 2012 blanket. some of the squares were made while i was sitting with my grandmom. others were made with the kids i watch - they would dictate the colors and play with the finished squares. they'd even pretend to crochet with me. one day alaina and john laid all the squares out and chose their favorites. when kati first moved in, she loved to knead and sleep on the softness.

the yarn that started me off was donated by my aunt patti and john's mom. some skeins my mom bought me. it's a warm blanket in so many ways.=)

 (why does this picture remind me of the shining?)

homemade holiday recap:

i'm happy to report my homemade holiday crusade kept me from being cranky this christmas. in 2008, i stopped celebrating holidays after learning some things. i've decided to still participate in family gatherings and gift-giving, but a battle ensues inside me. a moral dilemma. i feel better making the gifts (though every year i do buy some stuff, though each year less and less).

so a month of crafting my ass off and some cute dolls/purses/potpourri jars got me through. whatever works, right? my homemade holiday inspired my blog-friend aimee to get crafty, too. (and my brother l-o-v-e-d his crochet beard!=)

pop-pop don and grandmom also got crafty and made alaina the art desk she's been asking for. isn't it amazing? they really poured their hearts into it. remember the sandboat?

john's dad made his granddaughter mia a desk/shelving unit/window bench. it's awesome, just like other things he's made.

my dad has made us things too, like a beautiful bassinet and a porch swing. my grandpop made a living creating pretty iron railings. my mom, mom-mom, aunts, sister and friend missy were always making cute stuff. all these creative people around me - no wonder i'm this way!

after the blanket, i'm going to start working on baby things - john's sister jena is expecting her fourth this summer! i'm looking forward to crocheting something small and sweet - maybe a little granny square blanket or these delicious sandals.

wishing you lots of love and creativity in the new year! xoxoxo


  1. Im obsessed with homemade stuff! I just spent a bunch of money on etsy! ;) love those hello kitty dolls, even if they do remind you of the shining. Lol! Did you ever think of opening an etsy shop?

  2. i love etsy! i've thought about it but don't think i'm ready now. maybe someday!

  3. kitties and crocheting, so special. i am tempted to learn crochet, you make it look so fun. i am having fun doing some felting though. I love homemade things and yes it does make the time less annoying, and refocuses away from so much commercialism and so forth. I think your blanket is quite lovely.

    1. does it get any sweeter?=) thanks aimee. i think you would like crocheting. it's nice to start with a simple single stitch blanket. maybe you can find someone teaching crochet in your area when you're ready to try it. i'm considering getting a private lesson from a local yarn shop to learn how to make the beach cover-up i posted a while ago. it was written in the 70's and i cried the first time i tried to decipher a word of it!=)

  4. My daughter would go nuts if she saw those Hello Kitty's. Her bathroom is all themed out in Hello Kitty. Pretty cool the stuff you make.

  5. Yes, it's so good to be reminded of how much slower and sweeter the holidays can be with homemade gifts. I love all the gifts you and your loved ones have made for each other. So beautiful.

  6. wow, how beautiful...all of the homemade items made with such love, creativity and talent--wish I had just a fourth of it!!
    Peace and Raw Happy New Year Health,


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