Sunday, December 9, 2012

homemade gift ideas: for the young ladies

crochet headband :: so cute. mine is worn over my ears to keep them toasty.

mason jar sewing kit :: a little sewing kit always comes in handy.
dangly earring display :: there are many different ways to make these with materials on hand.

when i sat and thought about what i would have wanted when i was a teen, i realized i'd pretty much like the same thing now! so the post was changed from 'for teens' to 'young ladies'. here are a few more ideas. please leave any other ideas you may have in the comments!

handmade journal :: every lady needs a space to journal or doodle. 

craft-making kit :: introduce her to a new hobby, or replenish the stock of her existing one.

embellished picture frame :: a girl could always use another picture frame.

homemade candle :: use her favorite scent, or lavender oil for calming aromatic therapy. 


  1. LOVE the headband and dangly earring display. Very cute!

  2. I've just suddenly realized I need a mason jar sewing kit ... seriously. I always lose my needles.

  3. What wonderful gifts! I use to be a bit crafty before the child count hit 5. Now my creativity comes out during our homeschool art time.
    Thanks for sharing these...I always love dreaming about making people gifts..some day it will be a reality again.
    Peace & Raw Health,


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