Saturday, December 15, 2012

homemade gift ideas: for the young lads

crochet bearded hat :: hysterical and functional. this tutorial helped me make one. 

candles :: a guy's room could always use a little freshening. (for the responsible boys, of course.)

vintage record album journal :: can't believe REM is considered vintage now. 

pajama pants or boxers :: i wouldn't know what to do, but i imagine anyone with a little sewing experience can easily whip these up. (vintage teen boys pajamas pattern here)

popsicle stick cd rack :: do kids buy cd's anymore?

that's all i could come up with. good thing i don't have a teenage boy to gift this year!

my thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the horrific tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. what can we do in the face of unthinkable tragedy? cultivate love. read julia's beautiful words here.


  1. That hat is great!!!
    Hope you are having a joy-filled Christmas season Kelli!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. thanks elizabeth, i am, and i hope you are too! xoxo


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