Wednesday, January 2, 2013

almost too pretty to eat...

what an amazing experience this salad was. a feast for the eyes and palate! the flowers were nice and peppery and the onion flower was delicately pungent. right now i'm imagining the salad with green olives and salivating!

silly story :: growing up, spanish olives were served at every holiday meal. they were unappetizing to me, but i wanted to like them. they were just so cute, and i liked how the adults would stand around and pop them in their mouths before dinner was served.

when i was about seven or eight, i shared this with my mom. she said her pop-pop told her you have to eat seven olives to like them, and sure enough, after forcing seven down while swinging in the backyard, i had a new favorite food.=)

*believe it or not, i'm nearing my 500th post! plus i have over 50 unfinished drafts - this was one started after the july food swap. i really need to do some cleaning up and refocusing around here. i'm all over the place.



  1. Cute story! That salad is pretty! Happy New Year!

  2. thanks lauren! happy new year to you!

  3. That is a beautiful salad. And I love the olive story. Green olives are one of my all time favorite foods. Especially in salads, pasta, pizza, or just straight out of the jar. Happy 2013 :)

  4. thank you nikki. you reminded me how delicious olives are in pasta and pizza! happy 2013 to you too! (hehe at first i typed 2012.=)

  5. so pretty! but looks tasty too.

  6. that salad is most beautiful!!!! I am just so, so on liking the olive thing. Kalmata are my fav I would say. But I only seldom eat them.
    peace and raw health,


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