Friday, January 4, 2013

handmade journals and 2013 goals

with various sorts of paper and string, i've been crafting myself little journal planners.

inspired by the blogosphere, i've written a list of goals for myself at the start of winter journal 2013. here it goes:

year-round gardening :: indoor seed-starting and a hoophouse to grow greens next winter
more preserving :: especially bell pepper and eggplant
keep flower-pressing :: and come up with a better system to share
better blogging :: name change and new design - in utero
prettier pictures :: put a little more effort into it
make more cards/send more snail mail
daily stretching/meditation :: the first always seems to lead to the next. keep doing it.
raw fruits and vegetables at every meal
daily walks
crochet class :: find someone to help me decipher the 1970's cover-up pattern (es muy dificil)
trust in love/the divine/the source/the creator/the supreme soul/god/the universe/allah or whatever you like to call the mysterious energy behind all that is to keep us in its light.

there are also smaller goals written this week :: jan 1 - jan 6 garden plan/make sprouted grain bread/learn sunburst granny square. did i accomplish any? nope, but there's still tomorrow!=)

what are you working on, in the new year and beyond?


  1. Beautiful journals. You're so talented, Kelli. I started a daily goal journal for the year that I've decided to carry in my purse. I jot down things throughout the day that inspire me or make me feel good along with things I want to accomplish, big and small. I love your list of goals and look forward to the new version of your blog and continuing to follow your creativity. So far I've been surrounded by so much inspiration this year. Thanks for being a part of that :)

  2. Good for you Kell! I love all your goals! Let me know how it goes!

  3. thank you, sweet ladies. xoxoxo

  4. This is so cool! I'm actually taking a course on artistic journaling this semester and I'm really looking forward to it!

    <3 Melissa

  5. cute journal! so cheery. i would love to learn to crocehet. probably won't start it for awhile but everytime you mention it I want to learn it.

  6. great list you are working on! I am partial to the raw veggies and fruits at every meal and the daily walking.
    I am working on staying completely focused and centered in my raw lifestyle, working out 7 days a week. I got a bit messy over the Christmas season tasting too much cooked vegan foods but still remained 98% raw but it just did a total head trip on me and I don't like that so I shall strive to hit 99.99999% this year. That is what make me happiest I guess. But I am happy to say the exercising daily has been no problem.
    good luck with your goals.
    peace and raw health,

  7. Those Journals are such a great idea. The covers could be vision boards for your seasonal goals too. I love it! Thank you for sharing your light and much supportive energy coming your way on accomplishing all those goals!


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