Friday, December 17, 2010

this is on my mind....

an inspired homemade holiday.

this post is my contribution to down to earth's friday photo feature. above is my little area for crafting homemade holiday cards and gifts. when putting this post together, i realized most of my ideas this year were inspired by fellow bloggers! click to visit their lovely spaces in the web.

crocheted hello kitties for the girls, pattern from sayjai at kandjdolls.

felt dinosaurs for the boys, sparked by wendy of the butterfly balcony.

some card-making


aroused by leah, whose creations i was so happy to peruse and purchase at a local craft fair.

made by leah

an all-night felt fest was triggered by elycia and lots of scraps! the presents and balls were old stickers leftover from my scrapbooking days and the star is made from reused wrapping paper.

elycia put together a really cute video tutorial on how to make your own adorable holly headband. the holly costs pennies to make and could also be used as a brooch, a tree ornament, or even a magnet! the possibilities are endless...=)

happy homemade holidays!


  1. Adorable!!! I love the Hello Kitty's!

  2. I love handmade stuff. And your stuff is super cute.

  3. You're SO organized! The kitties are adorable. Love your wall color, too, btw.

  4. You make such sweet things!

  5. handmade things are great.. last year we made snow globes out of old mason jars. it's great to unwind through all the stress the holidays bring and sit down and craft =)

  6. Nice! I hope to make a bear in the future. I hope it turns out as well as your little creatures.

  7. griffen - mason jar snow globes sound like a fantastic idea for a homemade gift! i'll have to keep that in mind. you're right - it's much more calming to make gifts at home then venture out into the madness called christmas shopping!=)

    thank you, sweet neeta!xo

    hi mary! i'm sure it will. there are tons of cute bear patterns out there!

  8. You sure are creative! I love your crafts and your blog.

  9. So cute and crafty! you need to open your own etsy shop.

  10. hey! your homemade gifts are beautiful. The dinosaur reminds me of Rex from Toy Story :-) I hope you have a wonderful christmas sweetie! x x x

  11. You are so talented! At !4 months old your grandmother bought you markers. I thought she was crazy. You would sit and draw on the paper and never put them in your mouth! I do believe this was the beginning of your creativity. HAHA. Remember your finger nails with the marbled polish? It was one of my favorites..HAHA.. Your ideas are endless...xoxoxo

  12. Wow! I am so pleased you gave the dinosaur pattern a go, he looks great!!!
    There is nothing like homemade gifts to make Christmas really special! x


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