Thursday, December 9, 2010

thankful thursday

amazing how often you use your dominant hand's thumb! you notice these things when yours is out of commission. a little too careless with my mandolin slicer, i slipped and went in to the tip of my thumb. good thing for my long, thick nails or it would have gone deeper.

johnny boy came to my rescue and cleaned me up while i moaned and groaned. it was healing very nicely for a week when i carelessly banged it, reopening the wound! *@&H#^%!

so today i am feeling thankful for:

healthy opposable thumbs
our body's natural ability to heal
coconut oil and vitamin e
my new juicer
and finger condoms



  1. I have been looking for something to put on my poor husbands thumb since he breaks his open at least once a day.

  2. bwahaha...finger condoms! It's been awhile since I seen one of those :)

  3. jane - my mother gave me a plastic guard to use. it offered protection but rendered my thumb useless.

    kirsten - when i worked in a deli years ago i was always needing to wear them. one time they were in my apron when it went through the laundry - my dad didn't know what to think when he found them!!!

  4. Oh man - I was careless washing a knife this week and have been trying to type with a taped up middle finger for days. It is certainly affecting my accuracy. I hope you heal quickly!

  5. ahhahaha finger condoms....I feel like such a child for laughing at that but its pretty stinking funny!

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  7. Kelli - hope you are ok! I'm always a tad fearful of the mandolin for that very reason :s Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  8. that juice looks great.

    sorry about the finger. been there many times with the cuts and once with a broken finger. that's when I got the condoms too. :-)

  9. Oh my goodness... wishing you a speedy recovery! :)

  10. oy! i hate cutting fingers and blood...ugh!

    my poor girl. i am so sorry.

    love finger condoms too! haha!

    glad johnny boy was there to help you.


  11. Heal quickly! And finger condoms, haha! Have never heard of these.

  12. HAHA finger condoms..yes, they are an injured foodies rescue!!
    Hope you heal fast!!

  13. finger condom may not be the technical term, but it's funny.=)

    the cut's healing nicely again. thank you everyone for the well wishes!

  14. glad to know the cut is healing well, take care and have a super happy weekend, love and hugs xxx

  15. sorry about your thumb!!
    Hey what's in that juice? Looks green and good.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  16. thank you, neeta and elizabeth!

    the juice is cucumber, celery, kale, green apple, carrot, ginger and lemon. i used the pulp to make veggie broth... just blended it with tomato sauce and froze it in ice cube trays!


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