Saturday, December 11, 2010

lovely locks

and it breaks my hear

ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ar - art

when girls tame and straighten their natural, lovely locks

like i did for years... burning myself in the process

wasting valuable time and precious energy

throwing away hard-earned cash

to look more like them

and less like me.


and it warms my heart to watch regina spektor, with her gorgeous mane and incredible voice sing and tickle the ivories...

and another ravishing red-head on the keys

who now wears a wig during performances, probably because she allowed stylists to fuss too much with her hair!

as my mother would say, "just leave it alone!"=) 


  1. oh, HI! thank you so, SO much for the sweet comment, and it was lovely to meet you at the Eastern craft fair last weekend, Kelli! yep, you got the right person - my hubbin made the cards, not realizing that the blog is under my "nom d'artiste", but the name is, in fact, Karmyn Leah. i usually go by Leah in these parts. :) pleasure to meet your bloggy acquaintance, and i WONDERED who that animal-friendly food-eater was in my followers list! :D

  2. I'm a big fan of regina too. Thanks for the uplifting music.

  3. I have loved Regina Spektor for a long time and Tori is wonderful, too!

    I also think hair should be natural.

  4. hi leah! you had me really confused for a minute there!=)

    bitt - no probs.=)

    lela - aren't they both great?

    i'm learning how to love my natural hair again and treat it kindly (no chemical products, minimal heat). its a process!

  5. Yes, they are both great! :)

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such encouraging and supportive comments. It always makes me so excited when I see your comments in my inbox! You have such a sweetness. Thank you.

  7. I love her music! Completely new to me! Thank you for the introduction!

  8. aww thanks brooke, and i'm glad you enjoy the music!=)

  9. Just taking a moment to wish you and your loved ones
    a glorious Holiday Season, my friend!!


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