Thursday, November 4, 2010

thankful thursday

today i'm grateful for

 animal-friendly cookies and milk
(plain rice milk/chocolate almond milk)
 this lil' shweetums
mosaic buildings
and my squash corner.

(plus of course my health, freedom, loved ones... and all that good stuff.=)

what are you thankful for today?


  1. saw those cookies and wanted to try, any good?

  2. Lovely mosaic buildings, cute cat and delicious food! Today I'm thankful for seeing that nice film Eat, Pray, Love. It was great! And I'm grateful for a watermelon I ate, a guitar lesson, a visit to library. The world is full of joys!

  3. john and i love them! they're kind of dry and crumbly, like chips ahoy. perfect for non-dairy milk dipping.

  4. thank you lela! books, making music, yummy fruit, nice films... the world is full of joys, indeed!=)

  5. i haven't seen those cookies yet, but i'm interested.

    today, i'm thankful for the Internet. seriously, without it, I definitely wouldn't be a high-raw vegan. 1000000% serious.

  6. Squash is the best!! :) And I love those cookies!

    I'm thankful for my baby!!! XOXO

  7. Love squash too. I am thankful for my family, friends, health, happiness, and sunshine-filled days. Thanks for reminding me to stop & take a moment and be thankful.

  8. awesome post! kitties! cookies! squash! mosaics!

    I'm grateful my knee feels better so I can do little things like walk my doggies! Nothing like an injury to make you appreciate the littlest things in life.

  9. rick - i think you'll like 'em! i'm grateful for the internet, too. amazing how it came about in our lifetime, isn't it?

    HU(lauren)GS =)

    jenna - thank you for coming by!

    amey - thanks girl! i'm grateful your knee feels better, too!=)

    courtney - me too!

  10. I love everything in your post! Especially the kitty and the chocolate stuff!!
    The building is fabulous and the veggies called my name!
    I'm thankful for another day above ground!! :)

  11. I'm thankful for spices. Everything I've been consuming lately is curry, tumeric, chili and ginger-based. This is partly because I've got another cold, and partly because I'm reviewing TastyBites. Either way, each time I eat something spicy, I feel so warm and so good.


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