Sunday, November 28, 2010

gold dust synchronicity

wordy last post, huh? sometimes i don't have much to say about my food, if you can believe it!

but i do have a lot to say about where my thoughts have been lately. when i started this blog it was for recipes, but it has evolved into a journal of sorts. i hope you don't mind me sharing more than my animal-friendly food.

friday i was reading tavi's blog when i was reminded of a song called gold dust from one of my most beloved tori amos albums, scarlet's walk.

as tori spent childhood summers with her grandparents, whose cherokee grandparents survived the trail of tears, she has a deep understanding of the horror this nation is built upon. in creating scarlet's walk, tori traveled the united states after 9/11 in an attempt to re-examine the nation's history, the myths, and what it means to be american. you can read more about the album's concept here: lost in a place called america.

the album came out in the fall of 2002 when i was a senior in college. its somber feel enchanted me, and when the pain of adolescence and early adulthood was too much to bear, music was therapy, especially tori amos.

"how did it go so fast
you'll say as we are looking back
and then we'll understand
we held gold dust
in our hands

friday night, john and i watched the movie, frida based on the life of frida kahlo. before she's severely injured in her trolley accident, frida's given a handful of gold paint particles. upon impact, a shimmering shower of gold dust rains over the wreckage. the lyrics, 'we held gold dust in our hands' replayed in my head from earlier that day as i sat in awe of the timing. was the gold dust a coincidence or a symbol for me?

i'm still not sure, though the synchronicity did lead me to some reflecting while youtubing my favorite songs from the album. these videos are so beautiful to me that i wanted to share, though i understand if they're not for you. tori herself says she is an acquired taste, like anchovies.=)

here tori shares some insights she gained from a native american woman whom she met while researching for her scarlet's walk album.

"big brave nation
but instead
her medicine
now forgotten"
-scarlet's walk

a bouncy lil' number with yummy bass...

"I think that there is a place where she [Scarlet] realizes that people come in and out of your life. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for longer. And all of them make you what you are. You can't separate these people out of you. They form who you are. Even the ones that you kind of say know, I don't know if I wanna be formed by them anymore. (laughs) But you are in some way. You are. That's why, maybe, you don't have to look at them so harshly because they have effected you." - From the promotional-CD "Scarlet Stories" (source)

"woke up to a world
that i am not a part
except when i can play
its stranger"

a haunting song symbolic of 9/11...

and lastly, the winning video for a "taxi ride" contest, one of my favorites on the scarlet's walk album.

i had to stop myself from posting more, and i didn't even get to share all my favorites. if you'd like to see them, i'd be more than happy to share!=)

any other tori amos fans out there?


  1. amazing post...thank you for sharing...and i love all of your entries...anything you want to share...

    missing you.

  2. Meet her newest I honestly have never listened to Tory Amos before and had no idea that she was part Cherokee. I really enjoyed these clips and will listen to more of her music in the future. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I had never heard of Tori Amos before but I watched the videos and I think she's a good singer. I also love all your entries and I'm very excited when you have posted something new. Thank you!

  4. your comments brightened my day!


  5. I'm not a fan of hers (don't know her).
    But I'm a huuuge fan of yours!!
    And Iove your blog!!

  6. aww thanks gabrielle! and you know i'm a huge fan of yours, too!=)

  7. Great post! I LOVE Tori, absolute favorite. I am one of those fans that owns everything that she ever put out, singles and all. I've seen her every tour for the last 10 years, and Scarlet's Walk was one of my favorite tours. I am going to have to bust out that album now, thanks for the inspiration ;)

  8. Yaaaaay! I love meeting other Tori fans. I remember when I was REALLY into her, through college and grad school, and whenever I'd meet a fan, it was like meeting a family member you didn't know you had. Tori fans are definitely a neat sort. My favorite album vies btw Under the Pink and Boys for Pele, but Scarlet's Walk had a lot of hits too. Wednesday and the title track are great, as well as Taxi Ride. Never knew there was a video for it! Thanks!

    There was an interview-y biography put out a couple years ago called "Piece by Piece"... have you read it??? It's one of my favorite spiritual guides, if you can believe it. In it, Tori tells stories from her life and dissects pagan themes and social mores... it's fascinating!!! :)

  9. I've never heard of Tori Amos before, but I love learning about new artists! Thanks for sharing about her...I'll definitely have to check out more of her stuff!

  10. farty - yayyy! utp and bfp - me too! 90's tori = pure perfection. =) i loved piece by piece, and i can believe it - she's had me questioning and doing my own thinking since puberty. i even did a research paper on her in hs. wish i still had it!

    hi candice, hope you enjoy!=)

  11. Cool! I didn't know you were a Tori fan too.


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