Friday, November 12, 2010

squash and greens

two words: delicious. nutritious.

roasted veggies over herbed cole slaw

quinoa with butternut squash and greens

black bean burrito on sprouted grain tortillas
salad with maple balsamic vinaigrette

escarole soup with kabocha squash and chick peas

john and i have been enjoying winter squash and greens almost every evening. during the day, we like to drink our greens. trips to animo juice, an organic cafe a few towns over are so colorful this time of year.

we usually order a juice and a wheat grass shot. the juice below is called garden state and was made from carrot, greens, apple and lemon. i forgot what john had, but it was yummy and contained spirulina.

green smoothies at home haven't been too exciting. (i miss my berry smoothies!)

blub blub

so what are your plans for the weekend?

i have an idea for the mommies that read my bloggie:

make food with your kiddies!

this is a great time of year to make soup or baked goodies. my friend made pumpkin bread from scratch with her 2 and 3 year-old and said they had an absolute blast! it's a cute way to spend time with your children and celebrate natural foods, while teaching them the important skill of preparing their own food.

roasting pumpkin seeds is a fun activity for the kids, and you could puree the pumpkin for all kinds of yummy treats like pie or cookies.

here's an easy and deliciously rich peanut butter cookie recipe from pam i recently tried that would be perfect for the little ones - only 3 ingredients!

note: i recommend using unsweetened peanut butter or less sugar

if you have a blender and a dehydrator, you could make some apple cinnamon fruit roll-ups.

with homemade green powder for added nutrition

you can see the little green specks, but the taste is masked by sweet apple and cinnamon. a nice idea for the pickier eaters to get their greens in!

just some ideas. i'd love for you to share yours in the comments!

also, what were some things you loved doing with your family as a child?

i was reminded of how special it was to eat dinner with my family every night by this article. stephanie nielson is truly inspiring.

have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I always loved visiting my Grandma and she would make me tea with lots of sugar. I loved holding that cup and sipping as all the adults would talk. I felt so grown up.

  2. Everything looks so good! And great ideas!!!! :)

  3. So much to "digest" here. I am into squash these days but I overdid it a bit and I told Chris NO MORE please for awhile at least.

    Can you do frozen berries in the smoothies? I know they aren't the same, but it gets me through the cold season.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Lovely pictures, seems you have had tasty meals. I agree that Autumn is perfect for making baking goodies and soup.

    When I was little I loved to go to the nature or museums with my family. I also enjoyed listening to grandma's fairy-tales. I miss fairy-tales...

  5. Beautiful food lady! But wheatgrass shots... impressive. I'm yet to try them but have heard they're an acquired taste.

    I used to love cooking with my nanna as a child.

    Hope you have a great weekend xxx

  6. My favorite memory of eating with my family was spagetti night. I'm guessing I was around five years old when my sister Kathy suprised me with a bib she had made. It was a dish towel with shoe strings sewn to tie around my neck. She knew I would always be embarressed and teased by my brother because the mess I made. I couldn't keep my face out of the bowl. What a wonderful sister I had! She had only been on this earth for 16 years but left me with a lifetime of precious memories..

  7. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful food - love the idea of adding green powder to the apple fruit roll!!
    My fav childhood memory is of being in the kitchen with my maternal grandmother, watching her make the dough and roll out delicious flatbreads of all kinds, watching her churn cream and make homemade butter to go along - ah the smells, the taste, the feelings of soft tender love and her embrace....words would never be adequate to express how much I miss her.....thank god for the million memories and her loving presence always, in my heart.....

  8. so sweet! thanks for sharing, ladies.


  9. SO LOVEly! :o) What inspiration. And beauty. And DELISHishness. YUM. YOU rock, my dear.

  10. Great suggestions - I love smoothie roll-ups!!!

  11. what an amazing post! that roasted veggie salad has my name all over it.

  12. Ohhhh, I wanna chug-a-lug that bowl of soup!!
    SOOO good!!
    Everything looks delicious!
    Great photos, too!

  13. All of your food looks so good.
    I still have to make fruit leather w/ the kids!!
    I have done many things w/ the dehydrator but just have to try your fruit leather.
    Peace And Raw Health,

  14. thank you, elizabeth! i think your kids will love making and eating fruit leather!=)

  15. oh, and thank you ms a., lisa, amey, and gabriele!


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