Tuesday, November 16, 2010

investing in food

my motto as of late has been, "pray for the best, prepare for the worst." if the worst doesn't happen, great! if it does, i'm not caught off-guard and most importantly, i'm ready to deal with what lies before me.

preparing for the worst means listening to and accepting some "scary" information that part of me would much rather choose to ignore. i've come to realize that sticking my head in the sand is not an option, for me anyway. when i opened up to new "crazy" information, i soon realized sticking my head in the sand is far more scary than accepting what is and doing something about it. knowledge is power when applied.

one way john and i have been preparing is stocking up on wholesome foods. many reliable sources are warning of inflation, especially with our most valuable commodity - food. i've already noticed prices going up, slowly but surely.

in my opinion, the best investments one can make during these times is in food, land, and precious metals (and your self, which is a topic for another post). these things will always retain value, no matter what state the economy is in.

believe me, i hope i am dead wrong about inflation and needing to stock food. as i said before, i pray for the best, but prepare for the worst, the best i can.

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." - William Arthur Ward

how do you feel about investing during these times? do you stock food and supplies? do you feel our economy will recover after our second shot at quantitative easing? where do you find your information on current events? do you trust the mainstream media?

i'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. you seriously sound just like me and sabrina. and knowing you're an icke fan, makes me realize you're most likely very aware, and read a lot of the same info i do. we should trade links and research.

    sabrina and i now ALWAYS have at least 6-8 months worth of food in case of the worst. we have silver (hard metal, not paper saying i own it), water stored up, guns and ammo for if needed, etc. knowledge is definitely power, and prices are definitely rising. QE2 means higher prices for everyone, sooner than later. at least sooner than our wages catch up.

    i'd say more, but i don't want people stereotyping me due to my theories....


  2. I have found that I have been stockpiling food lately. Some because it was way cheaper to buy 50 pounds of something than 1 pound. I do feel that something is looming on the horizon. If not a result of the economy, it will be because our food sources are so contaminated with GMO and our waters are filled with chemicals. Either way, something wicked this way comes.

  3. I try to stock food and it gets eaten. We do buy in bulk, but then I end up using tons of that food instead of buying new food. I am terrified of bugs in food (my parents house and some of my old apartments had major problems) so i keep most of it in the fridge and freezer. If I had an extra one of those, I'd go wild storing stuff.

    Sometimes land isn't a good investment, well if you buy it too high. And if you have to hang onto it, you can't make much profit. Just speaking from some personal experience. :-(

    Hope you are doing ok.

  4. rick - one thing i've learned from icke is not to give a bleep about stereotypes and to always speak my truth.=)

    jane - i think wicked has always been here... we're just waking up to it. and i strongly believe love overcomes evil.=)

    bitt - i'm great, thanks.=) i was thinking more along the lines of if you lose your income or can no longer afford the rent/mortgage, owning land means you have a place to live and maybe even land to grow food on. i'm not thinking about making profit - just preserving wealth.

    i'm learning storing food properly takes some research and trial and error. there are many resources online, even companies that will send you dehydrated food to store in case of an emergency.

  5. Bought seeds in Oct for the next growing season all heirloom so I can save seeds. Cutting back as much as possible. Hard metals is a yes and looking at land. Lets hope it gets better.

  6. I always keep a stockpile of food on hand, not because I've been afraid of inflation, but instead because I find good food on the cheap. I also really like to give food away!

    In previous years, I have canned my own produce from the garden, but the weather made that impossible this year. Instead, I'm stocking up the old way, searching through ads to see what is on sale for the best price.

    Rick--My mom had me stock up on beans and rice for her. I felt like I had to explain the 25 lbs of each I bought at the store, but at the same time, aren't we supposed to save up for hard times?? No judgments here!

  7. As I think that serious food inflation is a distinct possibility we have also been stocking up on all of the products that we cannot grow ourselves...mostly grains, oil, and honey. Our root cellar and pantry are stuffed so we feel pretty good about that. Also, like Lisa, we are very aware of how much seed we have on hand for the next years garden.

    To invest or not to invest is a tough one. Theoretically, when times are bad and people are afraid it is a good time to buy stocks and let patience pay off. That said, we are not doing so this time as it just "feels" different. We have decided to invest in real tangible things like tools, food, clothes, and our health.

    I really enjoy hearing your thoughts on these things. Do you mind if I ask whom or what is icke?

  8. thanks for weighing in, liisa, elle, and mr. h. i hesitated posting because i don't want to spread fear, just bring awareness to preparedness.

    mr. h - i never felt good about stocks, and the more i learn about wall street, the less i want a part in it.

    david icke is an author/researcher doing his part to expose what's really going on in the world and how we're covertly progressing to a global dictatorship. icke calls it the totalitarian-tip-toe, as it's been happening for years under the guise of keeping us safe. heavy stuff, but the chains are breaking and people are waking up.

    so how's rowdy?=)

  9. Thanks, I will have to check out some of David Icke's writing. Rowdy is doing great, I took him for a nice run along the river we live by yesterday evening and he behaved perfectly off leash for the whole run...I'm so proud of him.:) He is trained to run next to me or behind when we go running so that I can easily leash him up if need be.

  10. you're welcome, mr. h. what a great companion! i love dogs, and rowdy is adorable. makes me want to adopt one, if only we had the outdoor space.


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