Saturday, January 30, 2010

going with the flow

hello friends, and welcome, julia and nelly!  i appreciate your visits. =)

first off, let me say that i loved everyone's snack ideas from my last post! i'm happy to report my cravings have led me away from milk chocolate snacks... but are now guiding me towards fried potatoes! yikes! i am also craving lots of greens and fruit, so i've decided to feed that craving and take it to the next level with a green smoothie fast (edit: a green smoothie FEAST! =).

when i first became serious about transitioning to an animal-friendly lifestyle, i heard of the master cleanse (aka lemonade diet). many testified that the cleanse helped align their taste buds to animal-friendly raw foods, which eliminated cravings for toxic treats.

i thought of trying the lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper cleanse, but never felt fully compelled to give it a go. i find i'm sensitive to cayenne pepper in the urinary region. many health sources are now making the claim that maple syrup as well as agave nectar may not be as healthy as i thought =(. "Lick the Sugar Habit" author Nancy Appleton, Ph.D. explains that, “maple syrup and other sugars literally make the white blood cells go dormant or sleepy [which] opens the door to infectious and degenerative diseases.” ouch.

i would love to do a juice fast (as i hear such wonderful things about them), but i don't own a juicer. yes, i can blend the veggies and strain them through a nut bag, but i know myself all too well and doubt that will keep up more than 2 days.=)

after reading kimberly snyder's post, the green smoothie vs. the master cleanse, i decided to create a fast plan to accommodate our lifestyle.

it feels right to start the fast 7 days before my 29th birthday, to begin my 30th year on a healthy note. we've been prepping by having a green smoothie every day, eating lots of raw food, and cutting back on our vices.

goodies from our shopping trip a few days ago to aid in our fasting prep

my idea to fast was affirmed when i was greeted online tonight by three posts in a row on the same topic! my friends hippiemom and heathy are fasting, and the lovely debbie from vegan family style posted a review for Robyn Openshaw's "The Green Smoothie Diet." the stars are aligned, my friends! =)

this fast will be a challenge, as i don't think i've gone a few waking hours without "food"! john and i are doing it together, so that will help tremendously. i'm still working out the details, but i think i'd like to have 1-2 green smoothies per day and 1-2 glasses of juice, depending on how we feel. i'd also like to incorporate teas, lemon water and some type of flush. if all goes to plan we will begin thursday, february 4th. of course i will document my experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly! =)

advice and tips from those who have done any type of fast, cleanse, or flush will be greatly appreciated!


  1. if I were you i'd do 3-4 quarts of green smoothie a day and or 2 quarts green smoothies with 2 quarts juice. if you starve yourself, you'll binge later. don't deprive yourself.

    enjoy those green smoothies!

  2. I hope you enjoy your fast/feast Kelly! I'd definitely recommend:
    - drinking as much green smoothie as you want (don't deprive yourself - feast rather than fast on your smoothies)
    - try to make different flavours so you experience variety
    - herbal teas for when you want something hot
    - lots of water

  3. just wanted to say hi back...good luck with the juice fast/cleanse...


  4. I am really looking forward to hearing how you feel during and after doing this type of fast. We have considered trying something similar in the past but have not commited to it yet. Good luck.:)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE green smoothies!!!

    AND... YAY for animal friendly diets. :)))))


  6. Great juicy plan ;-) have fun!

    Bring the animal friendly diet to twitter ;-} I am still a tweetarded learning but it's really fun!!


  7. thanks guys! i'm having fun just prepping! i envision the fast/feast to be just as enjoyable! =)

  8. Kelli!

    Congrats on your fast! And so cool that John is doing it with you - I've found support is really key when starting out.

    I guess my tip would be drink enough so that you don't get hungry, and always have a juice or smoothie with you when you go out.

    I look forward to hearing about your journey.

    You go girlie!!!


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