Sunday, January 3, 2010

hats and pom-poms

in my christmas wrap-up, i posted a pic of the cute lil hat i crocheted for our nephew.

i had a feeling it was going to be a bit too small,
but the wonderful thing about crochet is you can take it apart/add to it and fix it!

i added brown and tan single stitches to the bottom to give it length.
then i thought i'd make a cute pair of thumbless mittens that i also made for our twin nieces. (i added a few stitches to make them a bit larger)

then i topped the hat with a pom-pom for added cuteness.
(you can learn how to make easy pom-poms here.)

i followed a lovely blogger marisa and made a pom pom gift topper. 

i'm really having a lot of fun with yarn. although it's frustrating at times and my projects are far from perfect, i find crocheting to be so soothing and rewarding. i've been teaching myself how to follow patterns and, for those interested, i find teresa's blog and video tutorials extremely helpful.

i love this soft hat i made john using lion brand homespun yarn in wild fire.

and since this is technically a food blog, i will leave you with a yummy easy dessert we enjoyed last night!

Banana Soft Serve
from Choosing Raw

topped with leftover Chocolate Ganache from a Chocolate Pecan Pie
and chunky peanut butter



  1. Hey Keli!

    Yummmy ice cream delight and beautiful hats (Ive gotta learn how to do that).

    Ive nominated you for the happy 101 blog award :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for appreciating my pun.. Seems like the only people who don't moan at my jokes are my family members ;)

    Love the hats you crocheted. I knit a lot of scarves, but have yet to learn how to make anything else. Someday!

  3. thanks heathy! i'm honored! =)

    trinity - that type of humor is right up my alley!

    thanks. i'd love to learn to knit. someday! =)


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