Friday, January 15, 2010

what's new

hello friends! some laptop difficulties, a sore wrist, and a lack of motivation in the kitchie has kept me from posting lately. now the laptop is fixed, the wrist a bit better, and the kitchen fully stocked on animal-friendly ingredients, so this blogger is back in action! =)

when i'd rather sit on my butt and drool over the amazing raw treats others are preparing (have you seen the happy raw kitchen's latest?!), zucchini pasta is my go-to meal. it requires little thought and energy on my part, but is oh-so delicious and nutritious.

i used my spiral slicer to spiralize one medium zucchini, which i then tossed with olive oil, chopped garlic, cashews, sliced button mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and some seasonings.

my generous mommy (who is also an outstanding cook) made us a batch of split pea soup. mmm mmm mmm was it good! she also made croutons, but they were gone before i could even think of taking a picture. today ezekiel's sprouted bread accompanied my lunch.

i've been crocheting a lot lately (which is why i think my wrist hurts) and i made biggies a cat mat. she loves it, and she loves to play with the yarn while i'm crocheting.



cats and yarn go together like peas and carrots! =)

today i signed up for the 2010 Muth Family Farm Organic CSA Program! yayyy! i am so excited for june 23rd, the first day of their season. i went twice last summer with my friend carol and felt like i'd died and gone to veggie heaven. i'm sure you will be reading a lot more about muth farm from me this summer! =)


  1. I know what's for dinner tonight at my place.... zucchini pasta! Yours looks so good, think I'll try the version with olive oil and mushrooms. Yummy.

  2. yay! i love when i give others yummy dinner ideas! (i took the pic of my other pasta down bc it didn't "go" with my other two pics. hehe)

  3. Hi kelli! Glad you and your laptop are feeling better:)

    I love all your pics today. Amazing food and cute kitty:)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoy yours as well! I look forward to reading more...
    That split pea soup looks amazing.. Ezekiel bread is my fav!

  5. your pasta looks like real pasta! I am not a huge zucchini pasta fan but yours looks really thin and kinda appetizing. What kinda of spirilizer do you have?

    sorry to hear about your bum wrist. i hate when that happens.

    your cat is super cute. :-)

  6. Ooooh! That is soo cute what you made for your cat ;=]

  7. thank you for the kind comments ladies! =)

    bitt- i bought the saladacco kind for $25. it works well.


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