Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fruits and Veggies F(e)ast prep

(welcome mary, and thanks for following! =)

after much thought and deliberation, john and i have decided to switch from a green smoothie fast to a Fruits and Veggies F(e)ast, starting thursday. as it is our first time f(e)asting, i feel its best to open the challenge up to all fruits and veggies, in all shapes and forms.

my intentions for this f(e)ast are to give my body a rest from the processed foods i've been consuming and to gain control of my cravings for dairy and fried foods. i am trusting this experience will help align me with the high raw, animal-friendly lifestyle i'd like to lead.

good news for me, john has already gotten a hang of smoothie-making. look how nice and neat he is with his smoothie prep!


  1. Definitely organized. I could learn from that :)

  2. I'm so not this organized!! When I'm making smoothies I just rummage around and toss the shizz in :) Awesome that you two can be supportive for one another- as cleansing can be tough.. Good luck to you both!

    Thanks for stopping by my bloggy!

  3. Yay! What a coincidence, I'm switching from smoothies (after 2 days) to juice today too! Cool! Isn't it nice to have the support of your sweetie? Mine isn't participating in the feast-ivities with me, but he's super supportive and willing to give me a hand. Keep us posted on how you're doing with the juicing. I'd love to hear about your progress. Happy Wednesday :)

  4. joanna - he's super organized and i am not, so we make a good team =)

    crystal - thank you =). me too, just throw everything in and clean up later!

    nice nikki! i'd love to hear about your feast progress as well. yes, it is so helpful to have his support, and i love that he chooses to participate. i'm happy your sweetie contributes (that vitamix!) and i'm sure it won't be long before he starts joining you. =)

  5. sienna would be all over that spread. she comes running when i get out the chopping board.

    enjoy your smoothies and fruits and veg!

  6. Enjoy your fruity time together ;-}


  7. It looks delicious, I like that you added carrots...one of my favorite veggies.

  8. Awwwww, thanks! :))

    I have always been interested in fasting, but haven't researched enough to know a thing about it. Way to go for doing one!


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