Wednesday, September 11, 2013

what we've been eating

on monday, i went to the chiropractor and stopped at my favorite store, natural health. they had these organic tortillas that i knew would be useful with all the different types of peppers we've got. we don't buy dairy products often, but when we do we try to get organic. i picked up a mexican blend of organic cheeses and made my flavorful four-bean vegan chili with quesadillas.

tuesday we had leftover chili mixed with cooked rice i had saved in the freezer and rice chips. to help with the issues beans can cause, i take raw digestive enzymes with my meal. the capsules contain alpha-galactosidase, which is the key ingredient in beano. they work really well for me.

tonight was another quick dinner because i did the prepping beforehand. the kale was chopped and massaged with olive oil, salt and lemon this morning. the ingredients for the eggplant red pepper dip were roasted and frozen over the weekend (i threw them in when i had a pizza in the oven). all i had to do for this meal was defrost and blend the veggies for the dip in a food processor.

the crackers are almond nut thins with flax. we try to avoid gmo wheat and gluten in general, though i realize that all of these processed gluten-free chips and crackers are probably not the most nutritious. the alternative to these meals could be much worse, so we just do our best.

what have you been eating?


  1. Those meals look scrumptious! I was actually going to throw beans in the crockpot tonight :) with stewed tomatoes and Madagascar pink rice. I'm trying to avoid gluten and wheat in this house too, it really is quite the undertaking when you realize wheat is in EVERYTHING packaged.

  2. YUMMMMMY!!!! May I come over for dinner?


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