Saturday, September 7, 2013

happy saturday

hello friends! today i got new jeans in the mail and as you can see, i'm excited! it had been years since i bought myself a decent pair of pants. these are joe jeans that go for around $150 in stores and guess what...i got them for $15 on ebay, with free shipping! that's like a 90% discount!

in the garden, we've still got sunflowers and a few watermelons growing. i was late planting the melons. i'm late with my fall crops too, though the peas i planted last month are looking good.

i finally got around to making my peach pepper jam. this morning i tried it on a sesame bagel with cream cheese. i was afraid my jam was going to be too spicy, but it actually has hardly any heat at all. weird because when i did a taste test it was way too hot. hmph.

john made us dinner the other night and it was delicious! sauteed portabellos and bell pepper with a side of guacamole and vegetarian baked beans. i have been a lazy jane in the kitchen around dinner time. i'd much rather come home and lounge around with a book.

yesterday i started to read hiroshima by john hersey and i feel compelled to say a little something about war. first, at its core, war is against all that we are at our core. the suffering created by bombs and attacks is unbelievably cruel and inhumane. i actually had to stop reading the book because i was too upset. i am praying very hard for peace in the middle east, because it's all i know to do about it at this point. i know many others are too, and that leaves me feeling hopeful.

a war can not be fought if we all refuse to fight. it's all a choice. love or fear, we choose.

sending lots of love to you and yours. xoxoxo


  1. Love the jeans, love the garden, love that John takes such good care of you and love the LOVE message!! Amen I say to that. Prayer is powerful and God is good.
    Peace and Raw Health,

    PS How did you get the video on your page???? I have yet to figure that one out--I feel so incredibly dense.... arghhhhh!!!

  2. You are such a beauty inside and the jeans...I bought a pair of Joe's at Valu Village for about the same price. Recycled clothing is fabulous!

    I too am praying very hard for peace in's awful!

    Sending you and yours hugs and kisses!!!! <3 And much love!

  3. thank you ladies! elizabeth, email me, i'm not sure if i have your right address.

  4. Kelliann, the jeans look great and so do you! The peach preserves were perfectly peppered. We are enjoying it on crackers. Thanks Kelliann XOXO

    1. glad you liked it. and there's more where that came from!=)



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