Friday, September 13, 2013

summer highlights

sunflower with bees/blueberries at the community garden

 our new patio/kati lounging/the butterfly garden

my brother during a visit with my family to the community garden/a handful of figs from our tree/
kati sleeping in the butterfly garden

a bushel of organic corn from the csa - the week we were encouraged to take extra=)

summer 2013 treated us well.
most days were nice and slow, though it went by so quick. 
how does that happen?

sad to see summer go, though looking forward to craft shows and crisp walks over crunchy leaves.
savoring these warm days and chilly nights. 
happy weekend, friends.


  1. kati looks so content.. good place for a cat nap for sure

  2. I love the photos of Kati!

    Funny tricks of time...but I too am looking forward to everything that comes with fall...I love fall!


  3. Fiiiiiiggggggssssss!!!!! Yummo! Your pics are lovely.
    Peace and Raw Health,


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