Friday, July 1, 2011

home garden update

it's time to pull out the pea vines and bolted lettuce plants to make room for cucumbers, collards and cabbage. (i'm starting my fall garden now so i don't snooze on it like the last two seasons.)

the sugar snap and tall telephone peas surprised me with a really nice yield. i thought they were done when the hot weather hit early june, but they kept on producing. john and i enjoyed the sugar snaps right off the vine and dipped in olive oil or carmella's nacho cheeze.

sugar snap peas

tall telephone peas

in the box above there is kale, eggplant, carrots, beets and bush beans. i've spotted one royal burgundy bean so far.

the magic purple beans turn green when they are cooked - something to do with the acidity.

in this box we've got zucchini, melons and edamame. dill seeds were sown in the empty box.

this is my first year growing edamame and i'm in love with the little purple flowers.

potted plumeria, kale, cilantro
and ms. biggles

i'll end here with some shots of my furry gardening buddy and a wish for you all to have a safe and happy weekend!=)


  1. I think I'm just now getting spring, and here you are talking about your fall garden!

    Love Ms. Biggles. Give her a good behind the ear scritch for Granny :-)

  2. Love your garden but the feline is my fave.

  3. Everything looks really good. Purple beans are my Fav too. In fact I dont even plant green beans anymore.

  4. Oh, the envy! My tiny old apartment allows for neither pets or any gardening! I dream of one day snapping fresh peas off the vine and eating them in the sun :)

  5. I'm always jealous of other people's gardens. Somehow I didn't get my mom's green thumb. Your garden looks yummy.

  6. lovely garden and kitty

  7. your garden and cat are beautiful!!!
    peace and raw health,

  8. Oh, how I LOVE your garden!!!!
    And your furry friend. Too cute. :)
    Sending hugs ~

  9. Love the garden! Looks great and healthy and happy - and so does Ms. Biggles. :)


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