Friday, July 22, 2011

mornings with madji

3-5 am: the nose taps begin. at first they're gentle. "hi, i'm hungry." they quickly turn nasty. "i'll drag you outta this g.d. bed if i have to!" mind you, it's been about 2 or 3 hours since she last ate. if i'm feeling nice, i get up and feed her. tired - covers go over the head.

5-6 am: if she's had breakfast and post-meal coconut oil, she goes back to sleep. for a bit. if not, everything gets knocked off the nightstand, which then becomes her bed.

6-7 am: regardless if she was fed between 3-5 or not, she's up, doing the nose tapping again. did i mention she hooks her claw in my nostril and pulls?

7-8 am: usually i cave and get up with her. for a teeny tiny second i'm annoyed... until i look at her sweet little face, eyes all wide and innocent.

"oh, did i wake you?"


  1. Haha, Ginger use to wake us all the time. Ever since the baby was born, she stopped. Maybe she is scared we will trade her in! Haha! Never! :)

  2. funny! this reminds me of my niece. When she was 3 she would climb up on my brother, pull his eyelid up and say "Is today tomorrow yet?" all while looking perfectly sweet and adorable! Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog - I really appreciate it!

  3. Haha, love it! Cats are too funny!

    We have one who will sit outside our bedroom door and meow nonstop until we either let her in or feed her . . . and immediately afterwards she starts meowing again.
    The other likes to sit on your chest or beside you and smell your face until you wake up due to the tickling whiskers brushing your face.
    Love kitties. They're the best :]

  4. But she's so cute! Annie and Otto are a bit gentler awakening me. Annie licks my face while Otto licks my feet! That definitely gets me up and out of bed.

  5. My cat had a thyroid disorder and demanded being fed every few hours. Luckily I put him downstairs at night so he didn't bug me. Haha. You have an adorable kitty!

  6. ha ha! Love the commentary. Silly kitty - they're so demanding but so adorable. Those moments are definitely forgotten when seeing such a sweet face.


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