Thursday, June 30, 2011

fuzzy baby melons

it seemed like my melon plants were lagging behind, but this week two little guys were spotted on the watermelon and canary melon vines.

these make me want to turn my yard into a farm!=)


  1. sa-weeet! saw you commented on my smoothie post - check the one below it. i was flabberghasted by how i was treated by Raw Food World. i'm trying to tell the world my story. That company is scum and i'm currently researching everything about it. unfortunately my research has led me to discover other awful fraudulent practices of leaders in the raw movement. what a shame...

  2. I had a watermelon and cantaloupe growing in my garden last year. Right as they were almost ready, something ate them! I was so bummed! Good luck with yours!

  3. I had a melon the size of a softball pop up overnight. Then, the unthinkable. My garden nemesis, the groundhog, ate half of it. I could have cried. I hope all you melons remain cloaked from all invaders and you have a wonderful harvest.

  4. That little melon is so cute! I think you are having such luck with your garden because of all the love, attention, and admiration you are giving the plants. :)


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