Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my day...

began at 5:40 am when i was woken by a furry paw tapping my face for breakfast. she fell right back to sleep, but by the time i fell back asleep it was time to wake up.

after doing the usual morning stuff, i picked sugar snap peas and basil to go with my lunch. i'm amazed the peas are still producing with the heat we've been having.

something's eating my basil again this year...

breakfast was an apple and plantain tea. the tea helps ease the pain from a bladder condition i have called interstitial cystitis. coffee is one of the main agitators because of its acidity, so i haven't had any since the start of my flare-up about a month ago. grrr.

it was a hot one today... the temperature read 86° at 8 am! coming home it read 104° yowza!

there's my exit... (don't worry, i was very careful taking photos in my car - just pointed and clicked.)

(i like how these folks re-purposed automobile chairs.=)

oscar greeted me when i got to the porch. he's so sweet.

the kids and i played outside, took a walk around the neighborhood, painted, blew bubbles...

then made peanut butter and fruit sandwiches for lunch.

i had leftover raw pizza and salad. the pizza was so yummy, the kids kept asking me for more bites!

after babysitting, i made a pit-stop to pick up biggles' favorite coconut oil.

they were all out but i grabbed some other things on sale. i also had a 20 percent off coupon.=)

when i got home i found my csa newsletter in the mail. the season starts monday - woohoo!

using the roasted pepper hummus i had just picked up, i made john and myself a snack.

then i laid down in bed to unwind and fell asleep.

when i awoke from my nap it was time to water the thirsty plants.

our zucchini has taken off and is starting to produce fruit.

the echinacea will soon be blossoming, finally. i started the seeds in april of 2010!

john watered the home garden with the hose since our rain barrel has been empty for over a week now. we're supposed to get rain this weekend *fingers crossed*.

i rode my bike to water our plots at the community garden.

most plants are doing well, except the nasturtiums. this is my third year trying to grow nasturtium with no luck. hmph.

on the bright side, this is my first year with pole beans and they are starting to vine.

when all the watering was done i picked veggies to go with our dinner - sugar snap peas, kale and sweet peas.

din-din was a scrumptious stir-fry over quinoa. i don't like to use my stove often so i made enough quinoa for veggie sushi to have another night.

my day tomorrow will look pretty similar, except i'll be going swimming after babysitting. it's supposed to be even hotter. ugh. two heatwaves and it's not even summer yet!


  1. Sounds like quite a day, Kelli. There's nothing quite like fresh veggies right from the garden...mmmm. Stay cool, my friend!

    Sending love your way,


  2. Where do you live? Its not even summer yet? Its been hot for months down in north carolina! So do you babysit all day (not your own kids?) and feed them vegan food ? Thats so great if thats the case! Or are they vegan at home so it doesnt really matter?

  3. Oh my, your day sounds wonderful. I don't know about mine, it was very strange..

  4. I love your cat. I love your garden. I like your snacks and din-din. But would you please stop taking photos while you are driving? Ha.

  5. Beautiful garden!! So happy CSA time has arrived!
    Clint, that was my first thought!! But, when Kelli said it is safe, I believe her. It's the bike we have to worry about!! LOL! When she was little she rode her bike like a bat out of hell. She would jump off it before it was stopped! She always had band-aids on her knees and elbows...but had so much fun..haha

  6. The garden looks great! I think we could all do with less heat. This is crazy.

  7. What a beautiful day :) It was really fun to get a peek into your life. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This heat is killIng me! Glad you got so much, I haven't moved haha!

  9. Wow! You get more day in one day than I do in a week!! I am impressed! Thanks again for stopping by the other day. It was real real nice. :)

  10. thank you, julia. xoxo

    michele, i live in nj. i consider it spring until june 21st bc i don't like to rush things.=) they are my friend's children. they're not vegan but they love all things fruit and veggie. i caught one eating leaves off a tree one day!=)

    lela, i have my fair share of strange ones too.=)

    clint, how else would i show you my exit?=)

    anony, i was a bike-riding fool, wasn't i?=)

    thanks jane! i know... i don't even want to imagine what august will be like.

    thanks lisa! it was fun sharing.=)

    lauren, i think you've got the right idea!

    miss, no problem! it was nice spending time with marlie. she was cracking me up with that litle doll hanging out of her mouth!

  11. what a lovely summer day. send some of that heat here, please. :-) but not all of it.

    funny you said that about nastursiums because I've always had a lot of luck with them out here. might be the cool weather. maybe its too hot? i don't know much about gardening though. I love that they are edible flowers.

  12. hey kelli, i love how many pictures you weave into your blog :) oh, i've missed quinoa! it's quite expensive in england at the moment because of crop failures, apparently.

    thanks so much for choosing to follow me! i'm enjoying writing in all lower case here.

    much love,
    elloa xx

  13. i wish my wednesdays were anything like that, damn. are you working? i wish i wasn't in a cubicle sometimes...ok, all the time

  14. nasturtiums grow crazy here! Once they grow, I mean, they seem to take over. ha ha!


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