Monday, June 27, 2011

csa week three

muth family farm's organic csa week 3: curled kale, collards, mizuna, purslane, chioggia beets, romaine and green leaf lettuce, savoy cabbage, yellow squash, cucumbers, eight-ball squash, zucchini, and blueberries from a local organic farm

today i made a jar of sauerkraut with the cabbage and two beets. the zucchini are going to my friend - i'm told she makes a delicious salad with cannelini beans, lemon juice/zest and basil. fingers crossed the kale keeps 'til the weekend so i can make a big batch of cheesy chippies to bring to a bbq.
john requested vegan pancakes with the blueberries. i also plan to surprise him with zucchini brownies -  he loves them and i didn't make him any last summer. better do it soon before it's way too hot to use the oven. (note: i sub coconut oil for the veg oil in both recipes and top our brownies with coconut flakes instead of the icing.)

i'm really looking forward to a nice big salad with fresh cucumber and blueberry vinaigrette and recreating last season's smoothie with honeydew melon.

 salad with john's blueberry vinaigrette

 smoothie prep: pear, collard greens, lemon, banana, bloobs, canary melon, purslane and cucumber with ice cubes - one of my favorites!

 green pear-tini

smoothie-sippin' in the summer... does it get any better?=)


  1. I have to remember those zucchini brownies if I find myself with a surplus.

  2. oh, my goodness. My mouth is watering. I am totally going to try those zucchini brownies!

  3. What an awesome CSA week - tons of greens!

  4. Okay your green pear tini looks great. I am late but got into my CSA so I am excited. Thanks for sharing.

  5. pear tini is adorable! and that blueberry salad is so pretty. I love that you really embrace the harvest season.

  6. your brownies look just like the choco-zucchini bread i had here last week :) i'm still amazed at how much food you get each week in your CSA. is there a price level system? Like a small, medium, and large box each week? That's how ours goes and we get the big one, and our harvest is nothing compared to yours so far.

  7. Man, I bet that sauerkraut is good!

  8. thank you! xoxoxo

    rick, i purchased a medium basket portion and bring my basket the same day/time slot each week. the veggies are grown on the farm and are placed on tables - we can take as much as our baskets will hold. there are limits on some items and the blueberries cost extra. when they have a surplus we can take extra in bags. you can click the link to read more about the csa.


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