Wednesday, September 22, 2010

om shanti

...been working on

through a retreat at peace village in the catskill mountains... with guided meditation, delicious (vegetarian) indian food, beautiful like-minded people, and some magic marker therapy...

and at home, sketching...


crochet therapy...

and kitty snuggling

not much blog therapy because my computer is in the shop again, though john is kind enough to share his desktop when he's not working on our case.=)

what brings you peace?


  1. those all sound very nourishing to the soul. love biggle's pic.

  2. Hello beautiful ♥ I have been away for a while...Love your therapies ☺ What bring me peace?? Mmmm! Top of the list is: My family ♥

  3. All food for the soul, love your post :-) xox

  4. awesome post. my nephews mean the world to me and definitely bring me peace, as does my parents' pitbull. also bringing peace in my life is the small amount of sprouting, wheatgrass growing, and mushroom growing i do around the apartment. i love plants, can't get enough...lastly, walks in the park bring me peace. i try to take at least 3 walks in the park each week...

  5. Just love your post and your photo's Kelli! Your art work is wonderful! You are very talented! Playing with my goats is always a fun time....mostly laughing so that is peaceful to me!


  6. What a wonderful retreat. What give me peace : well this time of year, a big stack of cut wood, shelves full of homegrown canned produce, the greenhouse full of fresh veg, all the animals healthy and happy, and a good book and comfy chair. Oh and a cup of tea. Heaven.

  7. Lovely that you are doing all the things you love! :)

  8. That sounds like an amazing retreat! I need to get me to one of those:)
    I am trying to put my mind to a more peaceful state's hard to change habits though:)
    Ps biggles is too adorable:) XOXO

  9. Love the sketch! Very nice post! I find peace talking to my beautiful daughter. Her kindness and positive living is contagious. Her wisdom has come from her heart and soul. She is a great example! XOXOXO

  10. xoxoxoxo you are the sweetest! her wisdom comes from her mommy too.=)


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