Monday, September 13, 2010

oh why oh why

hello darlings! did you all have a nice weekend? what did you do?

mine was great - we did a lot of cleaning and had dinner with family. my niece alaina is turning 3 tomorrow and her party is not until next weekend, so we sang "happy almost birthday" to her while she held her ears.=)


i also captured this photo of gus the groundhog enjoying pears. though he is ruining the foundation of my mother and stepfather's shed, i'm happy he has a cozy place to live with a yummy food source. 

 (see him there, to the right of tree man? you may need to click to enlarge.)

i'm a nerd for animals and think this video is adorable. it was made by oh why oh why, a non-profit "promoting vegetarianism through multi-media".


  1. Loved the video!...great beat and message! Happy Birthday to Alaina! cute! Hugs!

  2. Happy Birthday Alaina, what a cutie!!!

  3. cute lil kid pic.

    i almost posted that video today too. very catchy. i like it.

  4. She's little cutie for sure!


  5. The video was very cute. As a farmer and raised in a farm area I have been asking everyone "why" for years. I stopped eating meat at age 4 when my pet cow ended up on the dinner plate. Vegan for the last 15 years. I also watch all these mandatory meat eaters become very sick and die from a laundry list of ailments that could have been prevented by diet, yet I am considered the crazy one. I held one of my chickens in my arms yesterday and unwrapped a string he had wound around his tiny foot. He was so scarred. I can't believe anyone would kill and eat such a small and defenseless animal when you can see the terror in their eyes.(I only keep the chickens for bug control, no eating eggs -they hatch them and live here too). I wish we didn't have to ask "why".

  6. Love that video! I just tweeted it! :) Thanks! What an adorable naughty groundhog! :)

  7. Awesome video ... really well done :) We have two ducks (rescues) and I was looking at them the other day wondering how they originally became seen as food ... they don't make my mouth water, that's for sure!

    Alaina is a cutie, too!

  8. lol @ the groundhog - and cool tree man thingy. Who did that? Fun. And happy b-day to the cutie Alaina!

  9. thanks heidi! my stepfather did the tree man. he's awesome.=)


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