Tuesday, September 7, 2010

it ain't over yet...

it may be the day after labor day, but it's still summer in my mind. we do officially have two more weeks, after all.

autumn has its charming qualities, but i feel there's no sense in rushing it. the crispy cold air will be here to stay soon enough...

'til then, i shall relish in the last sunshine of summer. i will proudly wear my white skirt and short shorts. i will look away when i come across fall decor. the ac will stay ON. i will savor those tomato sandwiches and melons like i never have before, and john and i may even tube down the great egg harbor river one more time, for sh*ts and giggles.=)

muth family farm's organic csa week 11: red seedless and yellow doll watermelon, eggplant, red russian and dinosaur kale, collard, eggplant, zukes, cuke, yellow squash, peppers, jalapeno, tomatoes, acorn squash and romaine lettuce


  1. what a bounty!

    have fun tubing. sounds like a great to send off summer.

  2. No, it's not over yet! I'm really enjoying this last bit of summer, glad you are too :)

  3. looks a lot like our CSA from this week, pics to come! we should probably get together sometime considering it's not all that far, and i have an office over in philly...hmmmm

  4. The summer does fly by, so I can see why you would want to savor it. I, however, am ready for cool air and pumpkins.

  5. You go girl...sounds like a lot of fun and I love your attitude!...he he! xo

  6. love sh*ts and giggles...hehehe...

    i too am going to relish in these last few days of sunshine...although...it is very gloomy out there...and so chilly...brrrrr...

    you wear your short shorts and white clothing proudly girl!!! i am behind you every step of the way!


  7. Heyyy! Good on you for making the most of the sun. I miss how good blueberries taste as the summer slips away....oh well, squash it is :-) Hugs x x x

  8. what a bounty, what beauty!!!!

    the story you told me about cleanup with the tadpole tank and that you were doing it...OMG Girl. You dont get paid enough for that as a teacher! and the other one, a year later, still finding traces..yes. That's sticky floor syndrome. im sure i will still feel it on my feet mos from now, despite tons of wiping and cleaning!


  9. I am sitting here with the snuggly white robe on johnny gave me..I feel so cozy...All the windows are open and it is 64 in here..I'm loving it..xoxoxo

  10. I hear you - I always wait til the last possible moment to put on my sweater and jeans! Happy harvest! Next up - pumpkins!

  11. yummy as usual! We're still harvesting strawberries! Pumpkins next. :)

  12. Those vegetables make my mouth water!!
    What a wonderful green-smoothie some of those would make!
    I'm in Southern California and am really thankful for cooler days.
    But then I bitch when it gets too cold!
    Not too hot and not too cold, thank you very much.
    (I'm such a delicate little petal. :)

  13. I am dying in this Florida heat so I am anxious for summer to be done and cool weather to come...well we really wont get cool weather until January, now I am really sad.
    Peace and Raw Health,


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