Sunday, May 16, 2010

a wedding by the beach

my beautiful cousin kate married her sweetie pie shelton this weekend in cape may, nj.

the weather was perfect, the place was gorgeous, the band was funky... we all had a blast!

john, me, sis' b/f keith, sis krista, the beautiful bride kate, handsome dad, brother craig, and sis-in-law kelly

keith and krista

kelly and silly craig

my cousin drew and me

john and drew playing on the beach

me and johnny
i love walking on the beach...

even in heels.=)


post for my final cake entry coming very soon...


  1. Great pics, looks like a great time! :) Do you live in NJ? I'm in Union county, I grew up in Monmouth County!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Thank you for sharing:)
    Love that pict of you and Johnny too!

  3. my girl!!! you all look so beautiful, especially you...and i love the dress and the shoes...and i especially love the pretty flower in your hair...and i love the pic of you and your johnny! <3

    hope you had a beautiful weekend my friend...


  4. thanks ladies!

    lauren - yup, i'm south of you, in camden county (about 10 minutes from philadephia). yay, we're not too far from each other!=)

  5. Gotta love those perfect beach days! It's hard to not look pretty in weather that beautiful and balmy. Like somethin' out of a movie. :)

  6. My oh my you've got great genes in your family!

    Beautiful snaps of a memorable occasion, thanks for sharing:)


  7. your food looks incredible! especially that layered ice cream cake.. yummmmmy!

    i also LOVE cape may, I lived there during the summers ever since I was a kid :0)


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