Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the ultimate raw ice cream cake challenge: chocolate strawberries and banana

so yesterday i was spazzin' a little because i thought i had ruined my ice cream cake. i wasn't too upset because i knew it would taste great; just a bit disappointed it wasn't as pretty as my rawspberries and cream.

the top of the banana layer turned a really unpleasant tannish hue overnight! then my chocolate sauce for the strawberries was bumpy after overheating (an annoying habit i seem to have!). "serenity now!"=)

i accepted the fact the cake was not going to be a good-looking one and kept reassuring myself that what is most important is the taste.

but as it turns out, the cake looks fine. no, it looks great! i'm really happy with it, and so were those who sampled a slice. =)

i've learned a little lesson here: that i need to stop being so critical and hung-up on appearance. i do this with my physical appearance, as well. i am learning to accept what is (so what if have some gray hair?!) and just go with it.

after all, things always seems to have a way of being great in the end, no matter how "ugly" they may appear.=)

oh yeah, and it's what's on the inside that counts. (especially if it includes raw chocolate=). 

the cake is made of heathy's strawberry ice cream, but i started with a heaping tablespoon of goji berries before adding the strawberries. (so yum, and gave me an idea for anotherrr cakeee=). i also added frozen strawberry chunks soaked in agave and lemon juice to the layer.

the banana ice cream was just a few frozen bananas blended with cashews, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and a lil coco oil. (though i should have just kept it simple and blended nanners only. another lesson learned: keep it simple!)

in the center is heathy's chocolate buckwheat crunchies and a layer of strawberry sauce (simply strawberries blended with agave and lemon juice).

*my spring form pan is 7" and from kitchen kapers, a store found in nj, pa, and de.

that's not all, folks... i may be creating another ice cream cake for my mama this weekend! they're addicting, i'm tellin ya! =)

if you want to see some other amazing ice cream cake entries, click here and here, and for a sneak peek at nelly's which is still in the works, here.

so excited to drool over more entries - i'm becoming obsessed with these cakes!=)


  1. hey i didn't notice any mistakes! maybe you covered it up well. part of being a good chef. :-) i know how you feel, i am always hardest on myself. harder than anyone else would be on me at least. you cakes look amazing and if i lived within an hour of you I'd drive over for a slice!

  2. i'm with bitty boo! i love both of your cakes, i just showed john's brother and he was VERY impressed!!!!

    you're such a babe...i love ya!

    with respect to putting so much into outer appearances i'm the same way...have been since i was 10...what a life to live...i'm trying to be a little more easy on myself...and just be happy with the person i am on the inside...'cause like you said the most beautiful aspect of a person is who they are on the inside!!! and i think you're beautiful, inside and out...

    now, when you come to toronto we're gonna be making ice cream cakes...haha! i'm serious!!!

    and our pans are twins, i also got a 7 inch...i think i mentioned it in my last comment!!!

    have a beautiful night chickita banana with strawberries and chocolate!!!


  3. Kelli, I love your cake! Gorgeous! You're on a roll girl... all I see is beautiful, delicious perfection ;) Like Bitt, I'd drive an hour to come and have a piece! BTW, where are you located? I remember Carmi/Don came to visit... was it the east coast?

    I know what you mean about appearances - I am totally the same way - think i need makeup to look good... like, what's that all about?! LOL

    Thanks for your comment on my post today... after writing i second guessed posting it, but I'm so glad I can express "me" :)

    Have a great night! Hugs!

  4. Pretty cake! I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks. Beautiful from the inside out, just like you :)

  5. That's wonderful! I can't wait for strawberries here! We have to finish up the first cake, than I must try a strawberry version as well:)
    Nice one again!

  6. thank you ladies! you're all so sweet. missy went it to labor this morning - was it the cake?=)

    heathy - yes, i'm in southern new jersey, about 10 minutes from philadelphia.

  7. Uh, yeah, that looks fab girl! I see nothing but perfection and beauty (even on you)! ;) What a wonderful treat that will be for your mama. Enjoy! Look forward to more beautiful creations from you.

  8. Ahhh! Love how you did the frozen strawberry layer in the middle. Looks so yummy! And your cake looks "perfect" to me :D.

  9. Wow! Your cake looks so beautiful...isn't raw ice cream incredible! Hope Missy is doing well:)

  10. AYAYAY!!! Beautiful cake lovely! Such a great job, I wish I WISH I can have a bite...
    I know what you mean: When it's about me, I am always a strict jugde ☺ but as you said : it's what's inside that counts and you surely are a beautiful soul.

  11. that looks... amazingly good. i just want to reach in and lick that banana cream...

  12. I agree tgatvall of your cakes are so perfect and beautiful!


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