Thursday, May 13, 2010

raw wrap and a cake in the works...

second time around ani phyo's sun burgers were delicious! last time we had them on ani's sesame sunflower bread - way too many nuts and seeds.

this time we enjoyed them on collard wraps with sliced avocado and raw zucchini hummus made with homemade tahini. yum yum!

(i was inspired to make this after seeing some nut burger wraps on someone's blog. i can't remember whose, so if it was yours or you know whose it was, please let me know.=)

raw zucchini hummus

this recipe was my guide for making the hummus. i'm tired of cleaning my measuring cups and spoons, so i just eyeballed it. i seriously do about three sinks full of dishes everyday. not complaining, just sayin'... ok, i'm complaining! =) but soon i will have a fig tree outside my window to admire while sudsin' and scrubbin', thanks to my generous mommy. (what mother buys their children gifts on mother's day?!=)


tonight i'm finishing my fourth and final entry for heathy's ultimate ice cream cake challenge. some of you are probably thinking 'this girl's gone ice cream cake crazy!'. well, i have! they're the yummiest, most enjoyable treats i have made. i thought my cookie bouquets were nice - but these cakes are raw!=)

the challenge came at a great time for me - there were many sweet occasions to celebrate with dessert. first there was the potluck with my plant-eating friends.

then missy's last day pregnant (she went into labor the morning after eating the cake!).

john, nelly, and i had a lot of fun brainstorming the perfect cake for my mom on mother's day. (we almost went with rawlmond joy - another time!)

this last cake is being made simply to celebrate raw desserts in all their healthy deliciousness.=) it is inspired by a raw treat i made in the past for a special friend. it includes one of my favorite fruits and colors=). it's not quite finished, but here is a little sampling i made mixing some leftovers.

 the ice cream/sorbet you see is a mix of two flavors. any guesses?


  1. Kelli, all those cakes are just stunning! and yesterday I posted a ton! of wraps and cuke wraps and nut pates. I am working on my next post but the nut pates/cuke wrap one is still there and your wrap just looks delish!

    love you hon!

  2. yum yum! some kind of berry??

  3. Im thinking cherry? I see coconut crunchies and cacao nibs - yumm!!
    You're on FIRE my dear!

  4. Yummy! Could it be chocolate ice cream and cherry sorbet?
    (Love your blog, btw)

  5. hmmmmmmmm...i don't know.................

    i have two more in my freezer right now...can you guess the flavours????


    one day i'll be able to eat collard wraps too...what do collard leaves taste like???

  6. mmm, you reminded me to try making zucchini hummus. i have three giant zucchinis in the fridge too - perfect.

  7. Your cakes look so amazing!!!

    Yum on the Sunshine Burgers too! And hummus..mmm, all my favorite things in one post!

  8. Yum! I'm drooling at this post (and all yours lately!) wraps and cakes..oh my:) As for the last cake..raspberry and strawberry. raspberry and blueberry?..whatever it is, it looks delish!

  9. Holy moley woman! You continue to amaze me. And yes, I'll be emailing you about the cafe almond one. ;) No doubt I'll need serious guidance. I'm going to guess pomegranate and raspberry. Yes, no? Those wraps look tasty too! Certainly not to be overlooked by the delectable desserts. :)

  10. Dang! I was wrong?! Ok ok..lemme guess again.... acai?!?! :D

  11. I recently started eating collard green wraps every day for lunch. It's so much nicer on the tum than bread! Hummus made from zukes is as well! Hummus is one of those things that can totally be eyeballed. It's really wonderful how good natural food is also so easy!

    These cakes are killing me. I'm fighting the urge to buy Heathy's book. Partly cos I just discovered that I can't eat a lot of nuts. I can't imagine what else could be in them other than nuts.

  12. thanks everyone for the sweet words!=)

    averie - yes i saw your delicious post! nut meat is next on my 'to try' list!

    bitt - yes, one flavor is a kind of berry...

    no bambi, but chocolate cherry sounds so yummy!

    nelly crawker is at it AGAIN! can't wait to see your finished products!

    nutella - YAY zucchini!=)

    lauren - i see you have great taste.=)

    nope melissa, none of those berries...

    good guess heidi, but no pomegranate or raspberries...

    heathy, acai would be yummy, but it's not that either...=)

    hey farty girl! you will LOVE the book, and good news is you can make the fruit sorbets - they don't contain nuts! you can sub coconut meat for some cashews in the ice cream recipes. (also, you can soak the raw nuts before blending - it helps with digestion!)

  13. those cakes really look good kell.

  14. The wraps looks very tempting, love the raw zucchini hummus....and those cakes are very beautiful creations, a pleasure for the eyes and i'm sure for the whole body too :-)

  15. Pure deliciousness ♥ and so beautiful.


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