Monday, March 22, 2010

spring baby shower

these gifts were created for my bestest friend missy's baby shower held yesterday. the baby bunch bouquet idea was originally sparked by bitt when she posted a picture of one on her blog. (what would i do without my blogging buddies?!) i was so happy to later find a video which shows how to make them.

they are adorable and fairly easy to make. i couldn't find a plain pink or white matching layette set so i used white onesies. 

when deciding what to put in the pot above i emailed kristen from kristen's raw and asked for her help. she immediately responded with great ideas and recommended i check out earth mama angel baby. i'm so glad i did! they sell their toxin-free products at my local vitamin shoppe, and i chose milkmaid tea, angel baby bottom balm, and new mama bottom spray. (i really wanted to get her the booby tubes but they were all out). missy likes tea so i also picked up some yogi mother to be, and in the back of the pot i added my favorite earth- and animal-friendly soap, mrs. meyer's geranium scented.

missy requested that her guests bring their favorite childhood book to start baby marlie's library. i brought one of my favorites, shel silverstein's where the sidewalk ends. using scrapbook paper and decorative hole punches, i made bookmarks for everyone to share a message or inspirational quote for marlie to read as she grows. 

baby marlie is expected may 13th. i'm so excited to be aunt kelli to another precious baby girl!


  1. sweet!!!

    you're very thoughtful...the bookmarks are such a beautiful thought!

    my fave childhood book is the giving tree by shel silverstein...


  2. i love your baby bouquet!!! well done. thanks for the video link. since i didn't win ANY of the giveaways, i guess it was meant to be for me to make my own. thanks for the added inspiration!

    great gift ideas. keep us updated on your auntie status.

  3. Love these pictures :) xx

  4. How sweet and so creative of you! You did awesome! I'm in AWE! These are great ideas for me when my SIL and niece (and whoever else) have their showers. Can't wait. And anything by Shel Silverstein is the best. My fave is The Giving Tree. :) And what a cute name: Marlie. And yay for May babies! And...I just wanted to say and again. ha ha!

  5. This is L♥vely. Very Inspiring Kelli.BRAVO!!


  6. Wow what a great gift!! I wish my family was more creative and thoughtful like you are! :)

  7. this is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. My sister is preg w/ her 1st and her shower was this weekend but i couldnt go, we live 1500 miles apart and $ was too much to fly there. I wish to god i could have been there; this post really touched me. Thank you. Kelli, you are so giving, amazing. xoxo

  8. Love the blog entry and I loved your gifts Kell. They are adorable and such a cute idea. Thanks for the best baby shower ever kell!
    PS. I was so skinny in that were jammin picture. Not anymore. Oh well. :)

  9. That's so cute. I would've loved to receive a gift like that at my baby shower. You're gonna be an excellent aunt!

  10. Yes Kelliann is amazing! She is beautiful and so thoughtful and talented. Kelli can find good in everyone and everything. We love her sooo much! PS..Yes I'm her proud mom. XOXOXO

  11. awww thanksss, anony mommy! =)


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