Saturday, March 6, 2010

pear-berry parfait


this treat was made for a long overdue visit from our dear friend, Yahya. in a sense, Yahya's words served as the spark which has fueled my journey of conscious eating. he introduced me to Keith Exum's Alkaline Foods Cookbook, and with that, the journey began=).

yahya's friendship is truly a blessing in our lives, and what better way to show him our love and gratitude than raw dessert?!=)
pear-berry parfait
(serves 3)

simply layer the following:

*pear puree (one pear blended with a tsp of lemon juice)


top with whipped cream or coconut cream for added yumminess.

during his visit, Yahya shared more knowledge with us, introducing us to The Yoga of Eating. so far i like what i've read, and will share more when i'm through reading. (if you've read the book i'd love to hear your thoughts!)

(which reminds me, Earth Mother from In the Raw is hosting a raw food recipe book giveaway!)



  1. yum! you are the parfait queen! lucky friend.

  2. hi kelli! Great eats, love the colors, too :)
    And yes my recap posts require energy and then some LOL

  3. I wish you can make me one of those parfait ☺ "The Yoga of eating" Look very interesting. I will check it out on my trip.

  4. Me too! I want a parfait :-)

  5. I'm lovin' all those food pics in that lovely glass. Sometimes the container makes the dish even more spectacular.

    I also like finding out what inspires others to start their raw journey. Juliano's Uncookbook started mine.

  6. Pretty parfait! I woke up thinking about parfaits this morning. I know, weirdo raw foodist wakes up thinking about layering avocado & fruit pudding ;). The Yoga of Eating sounds interesting. I love any books about food, so I'm going to check it out.

    Isn't it great having inspirational people in your life?

  7. Yum! They all look so delicious. When you come over we should make one!!!!


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