Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i don't feel like it

i'm trying to get a shopping list together for my trip to whole foods.

but i don't feel like it.

i know i have to go if we want to continue eating foods that will fuel our bodies rather than deplete them...

but i don't feel like it!

did i mention tomorrow i'm babysitting and tutoring all day and then attending another potluck in the evening?

i feel like whining. like how i used to whine to my mom when she'd tell me to do things i didn't want to like put my shoes away... "but i don'ttt feeeeel liiike ittt..." 

aunt flo's in town.

she's been causing me to be crampy and lazy and lack an appetite as of late. if i don't feel like eating, i have no interest in making a meal plan.

with no meal plan, i can't make a nice shopping list.

if i don't have a nice shopping list, i have no motivation to drive all the way to the store.

did i mention it's raining? and really chilly outside?

i could just shut up about it and get really creative with what's left in the fridge and pantry.

"but i don'ttt feeeeel liiike ittt...!"


almost forgot to mention the exciting news... we ordered a vita-mix yesterday! YIPPEEEE! it should be here in 7 to 10 days.

ok, i'm getting off my butt now and doing something. it's time i quit my "wind-jamming", as my grandmom would say!=)

now get out of here, and don't come back for 5 to 7 days! (vada sultenfuss, anyone?=)


  1. I totally understand. I've been 'not feeling like it' for... maybe a week and a half. My bedroom is a mess, and I've been letting my precious veggies go bad without proper prep!

  2. aww so been there! cute clip too.

    i do notice the better i eat the less cranky i am. the body can use the menses as detox. ugh.

    no need for a meal plan. just go to the store and pick out some of your easiest favorites that are as healthy as you can stand right now.

  3. i hear ya...i feel like throwing little tantrums here and there too...

    why not buy some simple staples for meals...and fruits and veggies to juice...sometimes when i don't have an appetite i like to juice and drink...it's easier, faster and it involves no chewing...

    meh...i'm so bad at advice...sorry!!!

  4. I totally understand and love how you referred to it as aunt flo..I actually was thinking it was your aunt for a second..then my brain cells caught on...lol! I need a lot of encouragement to things too. Yet, grocery shopping for tasty goodies would likely get me up pretty fast! Hope your get your motivation back soon:)

  5. OMG congrats on the vita, its gonna change your life! i am glad u liked the dairy post and yeah, we all do our best and if traces happen, so be it :)

  6. kelli, omg, you ordered a vitamix?! ... you won the blender over at my blog giveaway! ... shoot me an email with your info ... lisacole690@aol.com

  7. aunt flo - like melissa i thought it was your aunt too for a second LOL
    hope you're feeling better? thankfully aunt flo doesn't stay around too long, nuisance that she can be!! :-)


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