Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween weekend

this is a bit late, but i hope everyone had a fun weekend! i sure did! the raw class was great. carmella and don's visit was short but exciting. they made us yummy smoothies and had us try an unfamiliar, delicious fruit i still can't pronounce! we tried their goodies and i served them my version of carmi's raw pizzas that they both really enjoyed (yay me! =) and it turns out we have lots more to talk about than raw food! carmi and don will be back this weekend with lots more un-cooking, and i promise to have pics and recipes for next time.

here is my 2 year-old niece alaina in the costume my creative sister krista made from scratch or whatever you call it when a pattern isn't used. isn't she talented?!

alaina wasn't too sure about this costume. it was strange and itchy and made all the adults around her gush and take lots of pictures.

since she's a trooper, she wore it. but the gloves were pushing it.

aunt krista was up til 2am the night before working on those gloves and wasn't about to give up without a fight! :p

of course alaina won. in the pic below she's saying, "the gloves were just ridiculous, but these frilly socks and skirt are pretty cute, don't ya think?"


i love this guy's expression! that's how i get when i look at her too!


here, she's got the hang of the whole "walk up to a house and get candy in my princess bucket while my family encourages me and takes pictures" thing! 

my friend bonnie made her kiddie's ham sandwich and pickle costumes both on her own!
how cute are they?!
(the costumes AND the little peanuts!)

JT aka the bubbman and evolet

homemade kid costumes are too cute!

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