Monday, November 16, 2009

animal-friendly raw-venture: part three

so how was your weekend?

yesterday felt like spring around here!  i finally cleaned up the garden and turned the compost bin. i can't believe how many wormies are living in there! it's time we start planning for next year's gardens.

but first things first.


as i mentioned in part two, we started dinner with a raw soup each night. carmi wasn't sure which soup from her arsenal she wanted to make this particular night, so i said, "let's create a new one!" we did!

(i did my best photoshopping the sudsies. i feel like a 3 y/o trying to work that program!)

john named it Creamy Italian Soup. it had a really smooth texture and a nice basil flavor. (gotta get that vita mix so i can make soups like this!)

to make:
1 C. packed spinach
1 3/4 C. chopped zucchini
1 C. chopped fennel
1/2 C. packed basil
3 Tbsp irish moss gel
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp miso
2 cloves garlic
1 avocado
1/4 tsp onion powder
water to taste

blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. add warm water to reach desired thinness. 

-add wakame or torn nori sheet pieces for a really nice flavor!

screw Papa John's Pizza...try Raw Mama's Pizza! =)


oh how i wish i could get pizza like this delivered to my doorstep!

don said these were the best yet (and that man's eaten a lot of raw pizza)! carmi and i created them together, so she named them Raw Mama's Pizza =). i also liked Karmelli's Pizza (carmella and kelli combined), but no one else seemed to be feeling it :p.

i created the pizza crusts a few weeks ago using carmi's Herb Pizza Crusts recipe as a guide (minus zucchini because i didn't have them, plus pumpkin seeds because i did have them, and some other tweaks i forget. next time i will not be lazy and write the recipe down!)

first we cut and marinated some veggies (red and yellow bell pepper, shroomies, spinach, fennel) in equal parts olive oil and tamari, plus some crushed garlic.

we assembled the pizza with a layer of Sunflower Garlic Spread we used earlier for the nori snacks, then tomato sauce and pesto leftover from carmi's Lasagna Magnifica. topped with veggies, and served with a side salad smothered in carmi's new Ceasar Dressing!



so this is the Chocolate Orange Cake i had been dying to make since i came across the picture below on carmi's blog a few months back.


isn't it a beaut?! and it tastes just as good as it looks!


for our cake we used a wider pan. it's much prettier in a smaller spring form pan where the layers are thicker.
(add that list to my ever-growing list of wanted kitchen gadgets!=)


don and carmi set out for the next step of their journey in D.C., but not without one last raw delight - Oh My This is Tuna Salad.


whoever created this "tuna" salad is a genius. really, it's so much like the "real" thing, but without the unpleasant fishiness of canned tuna or the slaughter of innocent sea creatures.


i was feeling a bit sad after we said our goodbyes, so i consoled myself with a "tuna" salad sandwich, marinated kale and a bubbie pickle.
yummy food always makes me feel better!

'til next time!;)


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