Monday, July 18, 2011

csa week six

muth family farm's organic csa week 6: savoy cabbage, eggplant, sweet corn, green beans, dinosaur kale, green onion, basil, green leaf lettuce, purslane, beets, eight-ball squash, patty pan squash, cucumber, zucchini and heirloom tomatoes

blueberry season is winding down here so i purchased a case of 12 pints from little buck organics (which yields about 24 cups of blue gems!) we already ate a pint and i froze about two-thirds of the case. john rattled off a list of what he'd like me to make. don't hold your breath, buddy.=)

  this is one of the two trays that were frozen. 

there's a great little produce market about a mile from muth farm. i love to stop there and peruse their dollar discount section. 

sometimes i find ripe bananas, which i freeze immediately for smoothies and banana soft serve. most of the produce is conventional, though today i made the best find yet...

organic d'anjou pears!

usually the fruit in this section is very iffy, but i couldn't find much wrong with these babies.

pears and blueberries taste great together, especially in smoothies and homemade fruit roll-ups. 

to go with a dinner salad i made a double batch of blueberry vinaigrette. this time i used coconut oil and balsamic vinegar, and it solidified in the fridge. next time i'll try olive oil and balsamic vinegar - i think that'll be the winning combination!


  1. Your pics are seriously making me want to find a local CSA. Before we left California, we belonged to one for a while, and I loved it. As soon as we settle on a new place here in Atlanta, I'm getting back on the CSA bandwagon.

  2. I wish I could stop by and help you eat all that beautiful produce. My CSA is still mostly kale, bok choy and garlic scapes. I'm enjoying the greens but would love a little more fruit too.


  3. One good thing about this 500 degree temperature is that dressing will be liquid in 2 seconds. I love the $1 section.

  4. we had homemade blueberry vinaigrette on last night's gorgeous salads too! Great minds think alike ;) also, i'm still totally flabberghasted by how awesome your CSA turns out week after week. we've been devastated by the weather in this region and the variety just isn't what i'd hoped it would be. i'm makin lots of rawsta and juicing and making smoothies a lot, if that gives any hints...and we also had the same idea for blueberries! We bought 12 quarts so far this season, and froze about half of them. 12 pints of frozen blueberries! Woot!

  5. WOW everything looks so tasty! Blueberry season doesn't hit here until August.

  6. wow, look at those blueberries!!! amazing!!! I love blueberries!!

  7. All that produce looks so good! Love the pears and the blueberries... and everything really! :-)


  8. I seriously love your food photography. I think your pictures would make the pickiest kid want to eat fruits and veggies!

  9. Wow, what a great haul! Love blueberries!

  10. Oh i can't wait for our farmer's markets to get going again!!! This is so hard to look at! So lovely and I wish it weren't so stinking hot down here...not much surviving in my garden, even my herbs are dead :(
    Peace & Raw Health,

  11. amazing! We stock up on blueberries all the time. In fact, YS2 ate more than half a pint on the way home from the less than 10 mins. Inhale!


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