Tuesday, March 8, 2011

raw soup, onion bread and sea spaghetti

spring is coming - can you feel it?! it's nice to be able to take photos of our dinner with natural light and birds chirping above.

tonight we had a warm raw soup and fried vegan chick'n patties on lisa's fantastic onion bread.

the soup consisted of spinach, cucumber, cilantro, celery, carrot, chia seeds and white miso topped with hemp seeds, cooked corn, black beans, and edamame. john and i both really enjoyed it. per carmella's recommendation we added boiling water and blended quickly. the cold veggies cool off the mixture to preserve the enzymes, but not so much that the soup isn't nice and warm.

during a shopping trip today i spotted spicy crispy vegan chick'n patties made by boca. when i missed burgers their vegan version really hit the spot. i had planned to make carmella's hemp burgers later in the week (and now bitt's zuki burgers) to go on my onion bread, but when i saw those chick'n patties i took the easy route for tonight's dinner. they were really tasty fried in a little bit of olive oil - they actually reminded me of wendy's or burger king. (there you go, clint!)

inspired by elizabeth, i gave lisa's onion bread recipe a try. oh my onion-y goodness, is it good! imagine a bread of onion rings minus the grease. i was especially pleased with how easy and inexpensive it is to create. (if you don't have a dehydrator, i bet this bread could be baked on low.)

in not so yummy news, we tried our sea spaghetti the other night. the verdict - not good. i really wanted to like these as they're so nutritious and easy to prepare, but the taste of chewy seaweed was too much for john and me. the addition of cilantro made it more palatable, but i still couldn't get past the texture. it's like seaweed fettucini, and i'm not usually a fan of the thicker pastas. please don't let this deter you from trying it yourself, though. many others rave about the stuff, but i'll stick to zucchini pasta or kelp noodles for gluten-free spaghetti!


  1. Yum! That bread looks so good! And I use to eat the vegan chick patties from Health is Wealth all the time when I first went vegan. I wish they were soy/gluten free, I'd love one the way you had it!

  2. I got scared of green soups again but I think I'll give them a try when the weather warms up a bit. In the winter, I like a HOT soup. If I could make a hot smoothie, I would.

    Onion rings minus the grease? Sold me there!

    Interesting about the sea spaghetti. I am curious to try them and I do like seaweed but it might be weird. Wish I could try just one bite for free.

  3. Everything looks great. I love the soup, it looks yummy. I have never seen spaghetti like that. I would love to try them. Great that you tried them though, gotta try everything once right?

  4. Your bread turned our beautiful--isn't it the best??!! I am in LOVE with this bread. It is sooo good with avo, tomato and kraut. Makes a dripping mess but it is fun to lick your fingers once in awhile.
    I have been wanting to try sea spaghetti--I do love my seaweeds. Hopefully I will like it.
    Your soup is so beautiful. I love raw soup, hot soup makes my belly ache and bloat now--never use to. Strange!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  5. Love how simple and economical onion bread is! I want to try Lisa's version next but need some flax. I'm not a fan of most sea veggies I can't even do raw nori (I like toasted though) so I probably wouldn't be as adventurous as you to try the sea spaghetti but love that you did!

  6. Beautiful green soup! I don't know why I don't make soup more often; it's so easy to throw a bunch of things in the blender and see what happens. Thanks for the boiling water tip. The only soup I truly enjoy cold is gazpacho.

  7. I have never purchased those kelp noodles and I was wondering what they were like.

  8. Wow, Kelli!---There would be no Burger King in my future with that soup and chick patty sittin' in front of me. It looks sensational. Great post.

  9. Oh I soooo agree on Sea Spagetti, when I first tried it I heard lots of romantic stories of how uplifting, amazing it is etc..I just cant stomach it! It was just a bit fish, cold and chewy and bleugh.

    But Yeah, go Kelp Noodles!

  10. lauren, i'll let you know if i come across any!

    silly bitt, they're delicious!=) just think of how nourishing they are while you slurp them. and like i said before, adding something to chew helps.

    thanks sasha! maybe i'd like them better if someone else prepared them. the smell of them before soaking is really off-putting.

    elizabeth - it IS! i'm waiting for my avocado to ripen to try it that way!

    heidi, i loved all other seaweeds i've tried, but toasted nori tastes better to me than raw.

    kt- i usually make raw soups when i don't feel like making a salad. just shove it all in and blend.=)

    jane, now kelp noodles i like. they're like al dente spaghetti with no fishy taste.

    thanks, clint! i'd love to do a blind taste test on someone to see which they prefer.=)

    hi cosmic! xoxo

    mel, i agree. i kept tasting it to see if i'd grow to like it but i grew to dislike it even more. funny because i'll usually eat anything!

  11. I have to make the onion bread...looks so yummy!

  12. lisa, thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

    anony, i will have you try it soon!


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