Sunday, July 25, 2010

what's cookin'?

south jersey was baking this weekend with temps reaching triple digits! john and i escaped the heat on saturday by traveling northwest to my uncle tommy's 50th birthday party in richboro, pa.

it was a lovely day of swimming, bullseye, volleyball, and polly pockets.=)

 alaina, my niece alaina, and cailyn

even mr. bear showed up! the little ones were excited, though alaina preferred playing with my camera (clearly a photographer in the making ;)

  gimme, aunt kelli!

singing happy birthday to the old fart=)

(foodie note: there was yummy yellow watermelon on that fruit tray! i'd never heard of one!)

there's a strong memory that comes to mind each time i think of age: i ask my uncle tommy how old he is (i must be six or seven) and he tells me 27. i am totally blown away, like holy s***, uncle tommy is HOW MANY???

(i get the same reaction from the kids that i tutor when i tell them my age - 29 is a big number to little ones!)

when i turned 25, i began getting anxiety over aging. you know what calmed my mind? - thinking back to my uncle tommy at 27. he seemed SO YOUNG, so energetic and so much younger than my idea of the age 27. it was then i realized i'm as young as i choose to be - age really is just a number!

you wear 50 well, uncle tommy! here's to many more years of happiness!=)

(uncle tommy is a blog reader of mine... how cool is that?!)


in the kitchen, i've been doing my best keeping up with our produce from the muth family farm organic csa. (no photo this week - johnny boy made the pick-up). i made a rather poor decision to turn edgar into baked vegan eggplant parmesan.

sorry, edgar!

bad choice, as it tasted awful, and i burnt my hand getting it out of the oven! (a small burn - just enough to remind me to eat more raw foods!)

remember the pad thai i shared with marlie at rawlicious in toronto? i made a deliciously close version using kelp noodles and shredded veggies. kelp noodles require no heat in preparing - just soaking for 30 minutes!

for those unfamiliar, kelp noodles are a wonderful wheat pasta alternative made from the sea vegetable, kelp. they're full of nutrients and void of allergens like wheat and gluten. they make a nice weight release food, at only 6 calories per ounce! ani phyo mentions in an article, "[kelp is] full of iodine to work with our thyroid to help regulate our metabolism... helping us lose weight, if needed."

i love kelp noodles for the texture - it's like an al dente sea spaghetti! bellissimo!=)

in toronto, i know you can purchase a package of kelp noodles at rawlicious, but i don't know where to get some in my area. if anyone can recommend a good online source for ordering kelp noodles, please do so in the comments... i'll love you forever!=)

my always generous mother gave me some gorgeous garden beans. i sauteed them with artichokes, chick peas and smoked paprika.

... served with massaged kale salad (a little like lauren's), a side of garden tomato bruschetta (with rice cakes), and sliced squash with leftover pad thai dipping sauce.

the electricity bill may be scary this month since the ac's been working overtime and the dehydrator has been on frequently. (would love a solar food dryer!). i dehydrated nelly's cheezy kale chips, herb pizza crusts, my new olive and thyme pizza crust, strawberry vanilla granola, buckwheat crunchies, and noritos!

strawberry buckwheat granola
photo courtesy of john

see the garden in the background? it's been growing like crazy! we went through a rough period where i thought i was going to lose a lot of plants, but now they're flourishing! i leave you with a photo of our chamomile and a promise to post a garden update soon!



  1. love the kiddie pics and food pics. uncle tommy does not look a day above 27 to me!

    yellow watermelon is so cute. but not as cute as edgar.

  2. Ive never tried Kelp Noodles, thx for the tip...being Italian I def. miss my pasta, I'll have to try some soon :)

    But really, wanted to post about age and what you said. Age really is just a number, I'm 29 too and turning 30 in a few weeks...super excited!!! I remember that number sounding ancient but I have to say I don't feel "old", I feel awesome! I'm sure the raw food has something to do w/ that too :)

  3. Love gathering with the family, especially outdoors. 50? No way! I hope I look as youthful as Uncle Tommy when I hit 50.

    Haven't heard of yellow watermelon either, but it sounds good. And, yummy looking strawberry granola. I have a big bowl of buckwheat soaking right now, with visions of granola ;)

  4. My goodness girlie - you've been busy "uncookin" - everything sounds amazing :)
    I totally agree with you on the age thing - I have to admit I was feeling a bit anxious on my birthday as I creep closer and closer to ending my 20's :) But as you said age is just a number and definitely does not define us!!

  5. oh girlie...i'm sorry to hear that your eggplant parm didn't turn out and that you burned yourself...lots of aloe...

    looks like you had an awesome time at the party...i love family gatherings...

    your meals all look fantastic...would really love the recipe for your kelp noodle dish... =)

    i owe you an email...promise you will have one in the you and miss you!!! sending you really big hugs!!!

  6. I would love to see a garden update! No doubt it's amazing and HUGE considering your hot weather. Uncle Tommy's party looks fun and yellow watermelon?! Never heard of it either. Anyway, happy birthday! :) Kids look like they're having fun. Bummer about Edgar the Vegan Parm. Guess he got the last laugh. Love your kelp noodle dish. Looks great. I have a package in the fridge waiting for use. I'm fortunate I can find kelp noodles at my local Whole Foods, natural market AND raw vegan store.

  7. I'm yet to try a massaged kale salad- feel a bit scared of it... lame, I know. And Kelp noodles.

    You're right, you're as young as you feel. I most certainly do not feel 28, maybe more like 22... :)

  8. I agree with you on the age thing. I just turned 25 and was kind of freaking out about it. But age really is just a number!

    All of your food looks great! I want to try those kelp noodles too, but haven't seen them anywhere!

  9. I LOVE kelp noodles. Use them in my sea vegetable salads and of course topped with raw red sauces.
    Here is your on-line resource for purchasing some Kelp Noodles!! :)
    Peace and Raw Health,

  10. Happy Birthday Uncle Tommy ♥

  11. Just appreciated some scrummy buckwheat with apples and cinnamon myself(Happy birthdat, Tommo:)


  12. Wishing your Uncle Tommy a happy (belated)
    birthday! Looks like a fun time :) I agree that age is just a number.

    I hope to try kelp noodles someday, yours look fantastic, as does everything else.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Uncle!!! Age is just a number..definitely! ;)

    Yellow watermelon sounds delicious! I want some!

    Yay for kale salads, pickles make everything better! Stay cool!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Uncle Tommy!!
    What a beautiful post! What yummy eats:)
    Those kidlets are too cute too:)
    Can't wait to see your garden update!! I should do one too!!

  15. Love the eats -- the pad thai looks so good! I hope you can find a supplier close to home, or online.

    Family get-togethers are the best :)

    And yes! Do a garden post!! I'm doing one this week :)


  16. Your food looks wonderful girlie - yummm the pad thai!!!
    LOL, "old fart" hehehe.... and poor Edgar!
    I want that strawberry granoliii :)

    Hugggies to you Lovey! XO

  17. Beautiful!

    Kelp Noodles:!

  18. thanks for the links, elizabeth and isle dance, and thank you everyone for taking the time to comment! xoxo

  19. I'M 51 and am giggling over the 20's remarks. I use to worry about the numbers also. In my 40's I could hardly deal with the thoughts of the scarey "middle age" classification. That all passed and I realized I am the happiest I have ever been and it keeps getting better..So forget the numbers because that's just what they are.

    So sorry to hear about Edgar but he did live to a "RIPE" old age...I know...corny

    Nice post Kelliann...xoxoxoxo

  20. loved your comment, anonymous!



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