Monday, March 14, 2011


today's cleaning day (boooo) and i'm taking a break to do something a little more fun...

Age: 30 (too old for silly surveys?=)

Bed Size: queen

Chore you hate: bathrooms

Dogs: love them and would adopt some if biggles would allow it.

Favorite color: love 'em all, especially turquoise.

Gold or silver: both please.

Height: 5'9"

Instruments you play: piano

Job title: dabbler

Kids: are my specialty, though i'm not sure if we'll have our own.

Live: in the now.

Mom’s name: regina

Nicknames: kel, kelly belly, nonns...

Overnight hospital stays: zero

Pet peeve: celebrity gossip, propaganda, mainstream media, billboards...

Quote from a movie: "has anyone seen my hose?" - a league of their own

Right or left-handed: right

Siblings: brother craig, sister krista

Time you wake up:  it depends, but i like to sleep late.

Underwear: um, yes?

Vegetables you dislike: i like all i've tried, though i'm not crazy about raw bell peppers. (edit: but technically, they're a fruit.=)

What makes you run late: daylight savings time!

X-Rays you’ve had: just dental.

Yummy food you make: quinoa salads, raw pizza, pb cups, kale chippies...

Zoo- favorite animal: not a fan of captured and caged animals, though when i was young the polar bears and monkeys were fun to watch. 


  1. Underwear? Sometimes

    Instruments you play? Guitar

    Food you prepare that is muy bueno? Guacamole and stuffed mushrooms

    Vegetables you like? All but beets and couscous

    Kids? Three---glad they are grown. Ha.

    Gold or silver? YES

    Bedsize? King

    Type of Bed? Tempur-Pedic

    Chore most disliked? Cleaning my neighbor's leaves from my pool

    What I would have been named if I had been a girl? Susie

    Blessings and hugs

  2. ha, clint, you crack me up! i needed that laugh today. thank you.=)


  3. Hahaha... I completely agree with your pet peeves!! Exactly the same as mine! But I would also add commercials (especially for drugs with a million side effects!

  4. I would do anything to get out of cleaning day too. We have the same favorite color!

  5. ashley, yes, all marketing ploys peeve me.=)

    jane - my cleaning days are probably nothing compared to yours. again, i'm a wuss.=)

  6. fun list! yes on kale chippies...


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