Monday, March 21, 2011

first planting day

yesterday we planted our kale, spinach and pea seeds. we also transplanted about fifteen strawberry plants our neighbor was getting rid of. i've read it's best to transplant strawberries in the fall so they have time to set, but i'm hoping for the best with these babies.

our old strawberry plant has sent out a few runners, i was berry pleased to see...=)

and the echinacea is back with a vengeance - there's about six plants there!

little miss madj came out for more grass-munching.

her indoor wheatgrass is looking pretty good. the wheat berries were sprouted using the jar method. i waited 'til the roots were a little too long before spreading them on the soil, but i think they'll be okay.

if you juice wheatgrass, i'd love to hear what you use and your thoughts on it. i'm considering the healthy juicer - i like that it's hand-powered and inexpensive - but have read some poor reviews. i may just chew it like biggles!=)


  1. A few years ago when I was in Boston for a conference I frequented a juice bar/book store and one of the local patrons came every day for a shot glass size drink of juiced wheatgrass. It was bright green and she would swallow it in one glup and suck on a lemon wedge. Woman behind the counter said it was a cleansing drink. Wish I would have given it a try while I had the chance.


  2. Lehmans has a nice small juicer
    The $32. one is built well. I think it would do the trick for you.

  3. It's so exciting to see planting happening. I still have a while of snow and freezing temps before I begin to plant. Looking forward to it!

  4. I can't wait to start planting.. snow on the ground still.
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  5. The sight of all of these green goodies gets me so excited for spring and summer!

  6. How ironic! Just got the Tribest Z Star, and we are growing organic wheatgrass from seeds! Going to plant our lettuces this weekend! Yay!

  7. you're inspiring me with all that planting - lovely kitty too :-)

  8. Good for you! You will love watching your creations grow. Keep us updated!

  9. We have the healthy juicer. Works good. Sam's used it for wheatgrass and kale. :)

    Yay for strawberries! We've had berries galore when we weren't expecting any or any that would've been tasty. They're an amazing plant and I think they'll do great.

  10. brenda, the taste is something to get used to, but the benefits are worth it.

    thanks, jane! i'm looking into it.

    kt, hang tight, the warm weather is on its way!=)

    hi debra! they're calling for snow to the north of me, fingers crossed it doesn't hit my area!

    lisa, i am sooo excited. my mother told me today it was nice to see that i've come out of hibernation... i am not a winter person.=)

    lauren, happy juicing and gardening!=)

    antony, why thank you.=)

    clint, you know i will!=)

    thank you, heidi. i'm a lil overwhelmed researching the different models. i seriously may just chew it and swallow the juice. we'll see how that works.

    i really hope those berries take off. so far so good!=)

  11. How exciting to see new growth, that echinacea looks great. Hope ours over wintered as well as yours did. We always transplant strawberries in the spring and have never had any issues so I am sure your plants will be fine. They look like good ones.:)

  12. our markets will be coming to an end as well as our growing season in our small back yard gardens--we are opposite of you all :( When you all get happy I get sad. Our summers are brutal here and almost nothing grows in the way of greens. I researched a heat hardy "spinach" that I'd like to grow. I just hope I get something to harvest out of my, very late to get planted (my fault), square foot garden. I actually snipped some youg collards to make some wraps, they were so sweet and so tender I just might harvest them young on purpose!!
    Happy gardening--I am happy for you.
    Peace and Raw Health,


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